EOS Gravity announces partnership with EOSYS from South Korea

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Hello everyone, this is EOS Gravity, an EOS BP candidate from China.

As one of the most influential EOS community around the globe with over 100,000 community members, EOS Gravity is committed to provide our community members around the globe the latest news in the world of EOS. Throughout the process, we’ve learned that some communities in South Korea are facing difficulties of shortage of information access channel. Therefore, EOS Gravity established long-term partnership with EOSYS on 1st, June.

As the first EOS BPC in South Korea, EOSYS has long been contributing to the EOS ecosystem and therefore has the highest support rate within the country.

EOS Gravity wishes to bridge a channel of communication between South Korea and China and deliver news and reports on the latest development regarding EOS ecosystem in China.

Looking forward, we will continue to work together with EOS communities in South Korea to enhance communications with BPCs from across the globe for the shared vision of a better EOS ecosystem.

EOSGravity 宣布与韩国社区EOSYS展开中韩社区合作

大家好,我们是中国EOS Block Producer的候选人EOSGravity。

EOSGravity作为全球最具影响力的EOS社区之一,拥有超过10万名的会员。我们一直致力于为中国以及全球的用户提供EOS 相关的各种最新资讯。在这个过程中,我们得知韩国社区一直存在海外EOS生态系统信息交流滞缓的困难。为此,EOSGravity决定在 2018年6月1日,与韩国EOS社区EOSYS建立共同合作伙伴关系。

EOSYS作为韩国首个EOS BP候选人,在韩国的支持率非常高。EOSYS长期为扩展EOS生态系统的基础,将各种EOS生态系统的资讯传播给更多的人而作出努力。





Great :) really happy to cooperate to raise EOS ecosystem.

When airdrop?

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