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EOS Gravity thanks for your attention and support.

1.First of all, we would like to issue our stances that we will abide by the laws and rules of the Constitution, which will also be the prerequisite of our future development.

2.Based on our first point of view and as we have mentioned in the interview with EOS GO, we are neutral on the matter of dividends.

We strongly disagree with the behavoir that some BPs give 80% back to voters, which will do harm to the overall development of EOS. We have faith in the Constitution’s realtime dynamitc voting system and as soon as any BP misducts or misuses its power, we will vote it out. Under this mechanism, any idea or behavior of bribing voters or collusions are stupid and will never work.

If the Constitution permits giving out dividends, we are willing to share some of the bonus with our community members; however, if the Constitution doesn’t permit, we will undoubtfully abide by the law.

3.In light of recent attention on inblockchain among the communities, we think it’s necessary that we need to make a statement on this matter. As a community organizer in the EOS ecosystem, no investor is involved in EOS Gravity’s managing structure. Every decision is made by our in-house members. We are fully responsible for our development and we are not in any way affected or controlled by investors. In September 2017, we are the first community that inblockchain invested in but we did not plan to run for BP at that time, which indicates that what the investors really care about is the development of the EOS ecosystem. We also made it clear in the interview with EOS Gravity that investors top concerns are on the investment opportunity on Dapps and we will contribute more to the EOS ecosystem in this way.

We generate two development plans based on whether dividend is allowed:

PlanA (when dividend is allowed):

EOS Gravity is a start-up company that goes through 3 steps throughout its development:
1.)Start-up stage: accumulate resources, talents and improve competitiveness.
2.) Growth Stage: develop at high speed
3.) Maturity Stage: maintain position in the field as well as bonus

As a BP, we have different plans on resource integration and deployment.
Here is our BP plans when dividend is allowed:

During start-up stage, we need to update software and hardware configurations to boost efficiency and performance of EOS, which may need 30% of the resources; incubating Dapp is a major goal. To support the team on innovation and technology development of Dapp and to advertise may require 40% of the resources; we also need to increase the size of the community, organize offline meetups, add gain more EOS users, which may need 10% resources; finally, we can distribute the remaining 20% of revenue plus Dapp's investment revenue to encourage more token hold and voting as well as to increase community size.

During growth stage, we increase investment in software and hardware to support EOS's main chain efficiency, to enhance performance and to get ready for supporting side chains, which may require 40% of resources; To continue to incubate Dapp may require 20% of resources; The expand the size of the community may require 10% of the resources here; finally, we can distribute the remaining 30%, plus Dapp's investment income to encourage the community to hold more tokens and voting enthusiasm. By then, the token price of EOS will increase as the ecosystem grows, and dividends will also become more of an attraction.

During mature stage, the EOS ecosystem reaches the expected scale and the price reaches a qualitative stage, making the revenues of BPs huge. Our expenses on cost maintenance, DAPP incubation and promotion reduce to 50% .The other 50% of the income plus Dapp's investment income can be fully allocated to voters for interests of most EOS holders.

In this way, we adopt different strategies according to different goals in different stages. Of course, the numbers are estimated and will adjust to actual conditions. On this basis, our community will reach a consensus on our needs. Which stage is our system currently in and what kind of strategy we adopt is in the interest of token holders, these are the questions that will be more easily answered by the community based on data(for instance, EOS price, number of Dapps, number of Dapps users, number of side chains, system tps, etc).

Plan B(when dividend is not allowed):

In this case, we increase investment in software and hardware to support EOS's main chain efficiency, to enhance performance and to get ready for supporting side chains, which may require 30% of resources; to continue to incubate Dapps may need 50% resources; finally, to enlarge community size may need 20% resources.

Disclaimer :

We are in no positon to make statements on behalf of inblockchain. We will only answer questions about EOS Gravity. Up until now, we have made our information clear and transparent, including overall introduction, investors info, team info, BP info, etc. We have the most info released compared with the counterparts. In addition, we will continue to release more info about us in English. Please follow us for latest updates.

We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site and its associated sites. As legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and laws are constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of competent counsel.


good luck @ eosgravity :)
for those two plan were interesting !

Thanks for your reply and good luck

This article is really necessary for crypto believers. Thanks fro upvoting my post.

I do totally agree with you, 80% back to the voters is clearly insane. In a way, this is what we could consider as "vote buying". At this point, they could even sign a contract with Cambridge Analytica ;)

In both of your scenarios, part of the profits should be allocated to a "reserve". This reserve of cash would be available in case of "hard times".

We could even consider the creation of an "Inter-BPs" special fund working as an insurance, in wich every BPs could monthly or bi-yearly contribute. In case of fire, of flooded installations or legislative-political radical change in there countries, BPs would be helped and indemnified. That would allow the BPs to free themselves from the traditionally "rigged" insurance corporations.

I will keep a close eye on your team, I do enjoy your views and your high level of ethics.


Really good reviews, high quality opinions. Please continue to communicate with us, and the blockchain world needs you.

I welcome this clear and strong statement. Thank you EOS Gravity for your commitment to transparency.