Code of Conduct EOS Germany

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Role of EOS Germany

EOS Germany and other BP's create a foundation for the backbone of EOS.

EOS commits to:

  • perform our tasks as a Block producer
  • fulfill security, technical and operational requirements
  • run independently a neutrally
  • not paying any incentives for received votes (see further down)
  • promote and act transparent in regards to EOS community
  • support dApps developers with technology, education and funds
  • not discriminate dApps developers
  • share knowledge with the community
  • organize community meetups

Key values

The key values for EOS Germany are:

  • Transparency - EOS Germany is owned by its founders with no other entity involved. We comply with all market standards for founding and running a company in Germany
  • Competency - Our team is composed to cover all functions of a successful EOS Block producer. They have already proved to be capable to found and successfully develop several companies in different countries.
  • Community benefit - We are of the opinion that EOS requires an economical Testnet, where dApp developers can test their models, e.g the creation and distribution of Tokens (e.g. a Airdrop). This dApp-Testnet can be implemented as a Sidechain that we are going to support.
  • Security - EOS Germany put security at the forefront of everything else. We put maximum of our effort to make EOS blockchain secure for world, dApps developer and people.
  • Respect of human rights and equal opportunity - EOS Germany respects all human rights and provides equal opportunity for dApps developers, employees and associated partners.

Technical solution:

EOS Germany operates on bare metal, rented servers from renowned provider in Germany and backup system elsewhere in Europe (France and/or Finland). Our system has 1Gbps dedicated external bandwidth. Initially, we are using "Intel Xeon W-2145 8-Core Skylake" servers with 256GB RAM, one 480 GB NVMe SSD 3D XPoint disk, and two 6 TB SATA 6 Gb/s Enterprise spinning disks (for backup and IPFS usage), and in each data center we are setting up 2 such system in a redundant configuration, for block production. Additionally, we are initially deploying 3 full nodes to serve REST API for dApps, tools and other usages.

Initially, the servers are operated with scripts and some small custom applications, but we are waiting for to be ready to support our usecase. If/when that is ready, we will run Subutai as the cloud operating system, to handle network configuration, application management, basic monitoring and agility to respond to higher demand. We believe that Subutai offers a more flexible setup than Kubernetes, yet is easier to both set up and operate. We expect to be on Subutai, no later than August 2018.

Position on Dividends

EOS Germany prides itself for being held to the highest standards, and "vote buying" and other direct incentives are in our view unethical. That said, will it work for others who does this? Yes, we think so, especially for EOS token owners that are not in it for the principles of EOS, e.g. technological and social change, but purely for financial gains. We intend to work closely with existing and new companies, primarily in Germany and Europe at large, to assist them to take full advantage of the EOS platform. By doing this, we anticipate to earn their trust, get their votes by honest means, beneficial to the entire EOS ecosystem. The incentives we offer is getting more users and applications on to the EOS platform, hence increasing the platform value for everyone.

EOS Germany hereby declares that surplus funds will not be directed toward direct incentives (monetary, tokens, or otherwise) to persuade token holder to vote for us.

EOS Germany UG ownership structure

EOS Germany UG is owned by J. Jetmar (50%) and C. Mankel (50%)

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