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RE: A Big Step Towards Our Decentralized Future: I've Joined the eosDAC Launch Team!

in #eosdac5 years ago (edited)

thank you for informing us of your presence within @eosdac, very happy with that, I am EOS enthusiastic, and your vision confirms the full potential of EOS! i ressteem your post on french feed!! im french EOS lover!! @yann85


Thank you for stopping by. Are you familiar with @roxane at all? She does a lot of great work for the French community. Maybe you all could join the @eosdac Telegram and help us get our French translations and community together?

I don't know personaly roxane she's probably very busy, I'm already on the EOSDAC telegram. it would be a pleasure for me to help you with translations, I'm trying to get as much information about EOS as possible from the community my name on telegram is @fabinho thanks

I looked for you in the Telegram but didn't see you. Strange. Say hello in there, and I'll keep you mind when we get to building out our French presence. Thanks!

ok its good ??

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