eosDAC Staking Rewards Start on the 20th Feb 2021

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eosDAC is a Decentralized Autonomous Community that is an EOS based block producer and DAC enabler. Its governance token, EOSDAC, was effectively the first token airdropped onto the EOS distribution and it has produced over 1 million blocks on the EOS chain.

eosDAC has been functioning as a working, and revenue-generating, decentralized organization for over 2 years. In order to progress further, the custodians of eosDAC identified that greater liquidity is desirable for the EOSDAC token. With this in mind, on the 11th Feb 2021, the custodians passed a resolution to introduce staking rewards for eosDAC holders who stake liquidity on the EOS/EOSDAC pair on the EOS based Defibox ( http://www.defibox.io ).

This is the first step in kick-starting more activity in eosDAC which aims to have a thriving ecosystem in the future.

The first rewards period will start on 20th Feb 2021 13:00 UTC and end on 20th March 2021 13:00 UTC.

The rewards for the first period will be 2000 EOS.

To qualify, you must be a member of eosDAC (http://dacfactory.eosdac.io) and stake to the EOS/EOSDAC liquidity pool on Defibox continuously for the staking period (I.e. if you remove your stake during that period you forfeit the associated rewards). Due to this, all people interested in getting staking rewards are urged to stake before 20th Feb 2021 13:00 UTC and register as an eosDAC member.

The details of how this will work are on the linked document


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