eosDAC Announces First Approved Worker Proposals, Prioritising Block Production, and DAC Toolkit

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Today we would like to share the initial product of one of the non-code ‘open source’ systems we are implementing at eosDAC – the worker proposal system. Worker proposals allow anybody to propose work – framed as a deliverable – and, if approved by the Custodian board, receive funding from eosDAC. We have borrowed this model of worker-initiated project funding from various blockchain projects and specifically from the framework proposed by block.one for EOS itself.

Part of how we function as a DAC is being open about how worker proposals have been allocated. This is in contrast to how most organisations handle pay – with utmost secrecy. So, why is it so different for a DAC?

DACs as systems that maximise engagement – and therefore value

A tokenised DAC is an organisational and economic structure that produces the maximum possible alignment of interests between owners, workers and customers – alignment to the extent that these labels themselves break down. On eosDAC, tokenholders are incentivised to add value to the token by completing projects under the worker proposal system, and workers are paid in EOS, moving toward a more closed value system. eosDAC uses its block production revenues to fund worker proposals, which extend to supporting valuable ecosystem initiatives, for example Scatter which we are financially supporting. At the core of eosDAC is both open source code, which is fully auditable and transparent, but also ‘open source’ systems like governance, HR, finance and communication which we are creating and innovating (and sometimes, failing at too!) as we build eosDAC.

In a DAC, not just the code is open source - financials, hiring, workflow systems, team meetings and more must be transparent so that all token participants can contribute and audit.

Why DACs must be transparent to function well

The reasons why the activities of a DAC, including both its code but also its personnel, workflow and financial systems, need to be auditable and transparent are twofold:

  • Because everyone who has an economic stake in the DAC must have the ability to contribute to its activities. In order to contribute to a project, a new potential worker must have line of sight into what is currently underway. A good example is a recent worker proposal we received proposing to create a tool using React. Custodians had to decline that proposal for now, since eosDAC is initially using the Quasar/Vue framework. However since we discuss our tech design on Discord (http://discord.io/eosdac), the developer who proposed that worker proposal will hopefully come and interact with other developers on the 5-tech-and-development channel to formulate a worker proposal that would more readily conjoin with the flow of our current work.
  • Because token holders must be able to monitor the actions of Custodians, and vote out Custodians whose priorities they disagree with

By maintaining transparent workflows and comms, we aim to be an organisation with an open door to a large, economically incentivised workforce. Such an organisation is one that has unleashed to its own benefit the creative and productive power of its stakeholder base.
This is why DACs are ultimately more competitive – and profitable – than centralised companies: because human ambition and creativity is directed within a closed value system that anyone can participate in. This is also why eosDAC succeeds in being a notably trustworthy and effective block producer on the EOS chain.

It is worth noting that in many companies, remuneration of senior executives is reported to shareholders; this is because it is recognised that information asymmetry with respect to pay can lead to misalignment of interests. We apply this to the entire organisation.

Below are the currently approved worker proposals. eosDAC is in interim governance until the initiation of elected Custodians, therefore, these worker proposals were considered and approved by the interim Custodians as outlined in our Constitution (the ‘Genesis Board’). The interim Custodians will continue to review worker proposals until the initiation of elected Custodians in a matter of weeks. If you would like to submit a worker proposal, please join our Discord (http://discord.io/eosdac) to find out more.

Approved worker proposals by type (July to early August, full detail at end):

Please note, other expenditure, such as for servers and professional services, will be reported separately via the accounts of our service provider(s).

The interim Custodians balanced a number factors when considering worker proposals:

  • Safeguarding critical block production: maintaining consistency of the block production team and remunerating the highly skilled and 24/7 on-call nature of their role
  • Financial prudence: delivering as lean as possible a cost base to the elected Custodians, so that they can then direct the DAC according to their priorities
  • Investing in the critical DAC tools: funding the development of the open source DAC toolkit which will enable inter alia Custodian voting and multisig controls on accounts was considered a priority to enable the onboarding of elected Custodians and functioning of the worker proposal system on-chain
  • Some members of the team also chose to minimise pay for certain workstreams which are not essential to the DAC but that they would like to ensure are done

It should be noted that the DAC is in an early stage, in which there are exceptional outgoings. Under a steady-state of operation, we imagine specific line items could be reduced by Custodians in the future. We also are investigating additional revenue streams that can support the growth of activities.

Approved worker proposals


  • Title: Block Production Management/Admin/Support
  • Title: Custodian Handover Work
  • Title: Support and advice for DAC Toolkit
  • Title: Assistance for accounts which could not be moved
  • Title: Strategic Input
  • Total pay: 562 EOS (July)


  • Title: Technical Advisor
  • Title: Block Production Management/Admin/Support
  • Total pay: 2,650 EOS (July)


  • Title: Representation/Technical Liaising/Coordination
  • Title: Block Production Management/Admin/Support
  • Total pay: 1,400 EOS (July)

Dallas J

  • Title: Assistance around contract development with support to UX developers.
  • Total pay: 500 EOS


  • Title: Screen design for Registration process + Voting
  • Total pay: 352 EOS


  • Title: eosdacexplorer scripts + frontend prototype
  • Total pay: 500 EOS


  • Title: eosdac toolkit GUI
  • Total pay: 0 EOS (TBD)

Nathan (Scatter)

  • Title: Scatter – funding request
  • Total pay: 625 EOS


  • Title: English - Korean Translation
  • Title: Translator Manager
  • Title: SNS Management including Twitter
  • Title: Newsletter twice per month
  • Total pay: 790 EOS (July)


  • Title: Community manager
  • Title: Weekly ops meetings and To Dos
  • Total pay: 800 EOS (July)


  • Title: Russian community manager
  • Total pay: 200 EOS (July)


  • Title: YouTube Channel Admin/Manager
  • Title: Weekly ops meetings and To Dos
  • Title: Single video
  • Total pay: 280 EOS (July)


  • Title: Webmaster (new functionality or a redesign to be supplemental)
  • Total pay: 400 EOS (July)


  • Title: Japanese Community Management
  • Title: Japanese translation
  • Total pay: 180 EOS (July)


  • Title: Korean Community Management
  • Total pay: 400 EOS (July)


  • Title: eosDAC telegram admin 3ch (main,price,italy)
  • Title: Twitter support as EOS_Italy, Social support to eosDAC as EOS_Italy channel, support to DAC as admin on eos_io telegram channel
  • Title: Translator
  • Total pay: 200 EOS (July)

Won (Shwon)

  • Title: Korea Community Administration & Management
  • Title: Korean translation
  • Total pay: 200 EOS (July)

Dallas R

  • Title: Single video
  • Total pay: 80 EOS


  • Title: Single video
  • Total pay: 16 EOS


  • Title: Chinese community manager and Chinese translation
  • Total pay: 400 EOS (4 July – 3 August)


  • Title: Spanish translation and some Spanish social media support
  • Total pay: 200 EOS (12 July – 11 August)


  • Title: Strategy and Finance Advisor
  • Total pay: 1,400 EOS (July)


  • Title: Back office support/strategy
  • Total pay: 300 EOS (July)

-- Saro M.

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This is outstanding! I do believe EOSdac will quickly become a new role model for all DACs to come. I'm very interested in how this model develops and will be looking to lend a hand where I can. Great work guys and gals.

Post DevOps199 I was having a conversation about a similar style platform days ago. They say genius thinks alike. It doesn't take much wisdom to understand that the functionality of websites considering open source actively in use is in need of advancement! I think this post is created very well! Congrats! Great idea!


When you say worker proposals I presume that you mean within the EOS ecosystem right? A form of casual labour?

This is talking about eosDAC worker proposals, yes it is being rewarded for performing tasks which are beneficial to the DAC.

The difference is that anyone can submit a proposal of how they think they can help and it will be voted by the custodians. We should have properly elected custodians soon, and a way for anyone to regcustodian and become part of the DAC!

tanks for your upvotes . please keep in touch .

attention All friends
This is outstanding! I do believe EOSdac will quickly become a new role model for all DACs to come. I'm very interested in how this model develops and will be looking to lend a hand where I can. Great work guys and gals.

Well done guys

De lujo exelente trabajo

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