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In a recent Andreas Antonopolous interview - Andreas says, "Governance" is the killer app. Structuring the voting process for millions and even billions of people. This is a huge thing.

What came to mind is: EOS

  • I also considered Aragon for Ethereum as it's all about governance

  • I then considered something Andreas Antonopolous said: It might take several governance app's to get it right.

Then I thought about STEEM - the way the witness's function as the government leadership. My thinking is how maybe there's more here that i haven't unlocked, discovered and or made sense of yet.

  • Governance is a super important point when it comes to money and law - SingularityNet (Artificial Intelligence and Sharing Economy) is the latest thing for me to begin investigating.
  • It's kind of interesting how we can get specific with the application and narrow in on solutions for the betterment of the world.

Here's the video where andreas opens that up - it's towards the end. around 19 minute mark.

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The thing is.... That fact he had one successful and one mega successful project already doesnt mean EOS will be success too. Dont underestimate the power of luck and dont overestimate one person.

I remain skeptical until EOS shows the tech and that it works and works better than ETH or NEO.

I hear you loud and clear.

  • ETH and NEO are both solid

  • I do however wonder if Eos will make Ethereum thinking is that Blockchains are only really here to compliment each other...

EOS has many usecases and looks like it should be well suited to this. Time will tell.

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EOS it's Great Coin I bought some EOS a week ago following you :)

i like ethereum,
nice your post friend

The eos mind ;)

Wow great advice and very important ones.

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