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Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that exists as an alternative option to using the court systems. It is regarded to be more cost effective.

  • What kind of dispute resolutions will see on the blockchain? kind of important matters of governance.

  • EOS looks to be a leader in this space...well potentially a leader in this space. I also wonder if Aragon from ethereum network might be a possible shift to EOS chain and if it couldn't be the first token released on the EOS blockchain as the Governance model token that helps insure Sound government policy. Dispute resolutions..Arbitration seemingly being a key point for effective connectivity between participants to support and substantiate strong strong network effects. Basically streamlining the court system in a way that includes the opportunity for arbitration....Where "arbitrage" and "court system" merges as like customization governance in that it's set up as was of choice on particular points of agreement between parties...and maybe other points can be effectively streamlined/automated for recurring repetitious points between parties.

  • Is the creation of a specialized token for governance a way to expand the overall value of the EOS network for EOS token holders? I think it could be a way to support sound solutions. Perhaps the token set up could be down in such a way where a number of eos token from block produces are sent as a sort of reserve fund insurance on the lets say Aragon token...in this way there's sort of second layer of support being build up within the aragon token governance system which establishes digital jurisdiction for players contracting within eos network platforms in any way.

  • Making governance effectively into an application that is customizable is the optimum way to run a decentralized delegated proof of steak blockchain. This is my thinking on the matter at the moment. Willing to challenge this consideration. Thus far though, it seems that a sound government equals a sound mind so to speak....and government is matters of governance which is simply the ways in which issues can be managed effectively and efficiently.

  • Perhaps within a customization user incentive driven governance token: There is possibility for dispute resolution through prediction market like application tactics - such as wisdom of the crowd. Like maybe particular issues can be settled by the crowd....where as issues come up there's so many eos token holders required to take part in the survey to settle the dispute matter by participating in the question/decision making/predicting/forecasting/judgement/betting/guessing process.

  • It would be pretty cool to get paid for easy multiple choice random guessing game of sorts...where the wisdom of the crowd it utilized as a tactic of maintaining democratic principles of governance for the operating system EOS...and also for possibly other decentralized applications on the network.

Interesting Article that got me thinking about Arbitration and then also relating this point of governance in compliment with governance for EOS.

Senate Vote on Arbitration Rule Arbitration is more cost effective than using courts

There's great potential here

  • I will continue to investigate and explore the potential governance incentive based token for the insurance of digital jurisdiction. It even more so increasingly makes sense to me to have a special token as app on EOS that sort automates the process in an efficient and effective way for all participants.

  • I think a huge point of this is the value building in creating strong incentive for community to participate in matters of government. Streamlining the "government worker" processes....where mostly anyone and everyone can participate in decision making processes...and the decision making doesn't have to be influence according to users vested stake in token holding in terms of influencing the vote outcome...but instead the participation can a sort of ROI play where best on your holding you get a certain stake in rewards as the outcome total cost of the transaction in establishing the decision...and the beauty is that strong creative collaboration in establishing network effect has massive scalability which is highly profitable to all participants of the network in expressing life, liberty and property protection by having a sound governance system of support and stability. (maybe i am a little rough around the edges in articulating what i am beginning to see is possible here with EOS...but what I saying is possible as huge adjustments in information communication networking via decentralization is incredible!)


It's arbitration, not arbitrage. Those two terms are not interchangeable.

wow good catch - will correct typo - thanks! Took me a moment to spot it :)

Steem On :)

A nice idea, we can use your daily publications on
this subject, to be certain to make the right decision.

appreciate the feedback @killerkuasha

I will indeed write more detail into eos

EOS has a great potentiel it will be huge thanks for sharing

Currently, it is not the right market conditions. Too much focus on Bitcoin. EOS will have its time. Let's wait.

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!
Eos to the Moon

Looking for a way to start arbitration or at least problem resolution. Have you found any contact info for this? My issue is that I registered my EOS through MetaMask and have my public and private keys but when I go to eosauthority.com and enter my ETH Public key it shows me the correct EOS balance but shows me an EOS public key that I don't recognize. When I enter my EOS public key it comes back as unverified. So it looks like I don't have the public or private keys to access my 800 EOS and I can't re register my ETH account to move those tokens to a new EOS key. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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