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The more I study the cryptosphere and look at the different models of governance...I keep coming back to the Delegated Proof of Stake model. What stands out for me is the following:

  • It's a way for the community to organize work/direction/tasks/responsibilities within the network to stimulate progress.

  • Everyone is incentivized to support the network. The network is designed in a way to support the development and innovation that is is in the best benefit of everyone.

  • The funding is real. This is world wide creative collaboration. This is the big stage....beyond any one nation state. This is bigger than nationalism. This is the forefront of "international politics"...these are the "real world leaders"....and there are's not about any "one" individual.

  • Voting as a point of governance enables the "wisdom of the crowd" to come through. This is a way taps into "prediction markets" as a means of trusting in the majority to create the best collective outcome.

  • TRUST - TRUST and TRUSTLESSNESS. Much of the processes can be automated and also structured in a way where "bad behavior" is dis-incentivized...meaning it is more costly to "act poorly"...against the best interest of the collective. By Voting to choose the best elected "officials...actors....workers", there's a degree of trust being "vested in these particular players"...the thing that really takes this approach to the next level: Is the structured approach that any individual who "acts out" is easily replaceable without delay....meaning it's not like we have today if we look at world politics and elected officials who moistly are engaged in a rather drawn out circle jerk. DPoS is a 24/7 operation...which is cool in the sense that you can move your vote around as your vested interest in the network however you see fit...or give that privilege to another to act as your delegate.

  • Encourages community involvement. Let the systems ad networks be designed, created and all around innovated by the participants of the ecosystems. Anyone and everyone is able to participate. Creative collaboration is here at unprecedented levels.

  • Challenges: Community Involvement. Organization, News Reporting and Education. Let me paraphrase: Education, Education, and Education. News broadcasting. See: we live in a time where anyone and everyone is basically busier than ever because there is so much "stimulation" much information moving in all directions many things to participate many people looking to steer your attention this way or that way. In many ways the world of business we have today as the "consumer society" is based on "attention". "just tune in to this info for a minute....or you got to see what so and so has to say about this." Influence....and being "under the influence" is at all time highs. No puns intended....but yes it's a bit of a punny situation in the most tragic comedic of senses.

  • Leadership - Paradigm shifiting into "self-leadership" where basically one chooses to include oneself in community(s). It's a point of self-involvement. No one is forcing anyone to particpate. this is a shift in behavior mentaility....this in many ways is the epitome of "creative collaboration" which is emerging at a seemingly exponential rate.

  • Historical Record : in many ways we don't know how the future can play out in the best of ways....because what's being done right now has no previous track record so to speak. The interesting thing again to point out is "open source" and "creative collaboration"...and "community building". and... "DPoS"...organizing an efficient and effective governance model for everyone to have a good life.

  • Work. Not so smooth in transitioning in the beginning. It's a process in implementing...creating new ways of efficiency and effectiveness. Ironically - it's a bit of a slow down point and patience in sharing the process. Some get it right away and are living in another paradigm already as the future here in their mind. The kicker that we must all...or at least great majorities of us, must all share the same basic realizations for any of these new networks to be adoptive as "supreme". It's indeed a process of building the core foundation.

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Well done. I couldn't agree more. Just wish I had more.

awesomeness - glad to hear it! i share your wish for more :)

@cryptographic I also agree about this cryptos, and would add ETP, after my research, I believe it has a huge potential. I thought you would be interested on it.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Regards, @gold84

It’s been a rough few months on Steem, bitshares and eos, pricewise. They seem to have bottomed out now. The only way is up.

indeed it has. i had been in and out of bitshares a few times over the past months...picked some up recently at 0.048 cents I remember some months ago wishing i could have been able to buy it at this low of a was pleased about that.

We shall see how things go.

Steemit seems to have some issues to sort out with the websites...not sure entirely what the deal is....but does explain the price dippage. I remind myself it is still quite early on steemit adoption and we are quite early to the party in terms of the world scale.

EOS - i hope it drops some more...maybe it's still a long way till june 2018

I have also recently bought a small bitshares position having overlooked it previously. It looks promising but we shall see how things go.

the innovation and everyone can contribute to it what makes it the best

That is also a reason why I prefer DPOS that any other algo.

That are the points i truly agree upon .
Nicely explained and moreover Resteemed
I do agree communication in any platform is the key to success

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