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WORBLI WEEKLY UPDATE:  Monday, September 2 2018

It has been a while since our last update, and we have much to report. The momentum at WORBLI has increased, our community has grown, our work is getting noticed, and our airdrop and launch are just around the corner. Many more people now understand what we are doing and the impact of a fully compliant enterprise blockchain ecosystem. As a result, more of our partners are demonstrating their confidence in WORBLI by committing resources and time to the project. We are both excited and humbled by the support of the fantastic EOS community, and there are plenty more great announcements to come in the next few days. Here are our updates:

  • We can now confirm 19 block producers on the network with many more in the pipeline. The support we have had from the EOS community has been remarkable. Among our new partners are EOS NY, EOS Dublin, EOS Tribe, EOS Hong Kong, EOSphere, and GenerEOS! All great projects with great teams.

  • WORBLI is holding its first ever online conference! The event will focus on bridging the gap between blockchain and real-life applications and promises an impressive line-up of high-profile figures in the EOS community. Even better, the event is free, and accessible to all via on September 29–30. The two-part event will be timed to accommodate audiences across several time-zones. More details on speakers and the agenda will be posted here shortly.

  • On the topic of events, we are also pleased to announce our Australia event hosted by our friends at EOSphere and GenerEOS. The event will be at 6pm on September 13 at Collective Campus in Melbourne! Make sure you are there if you are in Australia. We will also be joined by the teams from Emanate and RMIT.

Don’t forget! Our Airdrop is not far away. We will be dropping 1 Billion “WBI” Tokens to the EOS Community at the end of this month. Make sure you head to our website to get more information on how you can get involved.
That is it for this week’s update, make sure you join our Telegram channel to get up-to-minute news from WORBLI and the broader EOS community.


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Outstanding update, on behalf of BuildTeam I'd like to invite you to come and discuss ways in which our two organizations could work together more closely. Marketing is a major focus of ours so perhaps we could lend a hand? If someone from your team would like to discuss possibilities please have them drop by our investors telegram channel here:

Very well written update here! Looking forward to that airdrop indeed!