Compliant to the core: How WORBLI is building its integrated financial ecosystem

in eos •  5 months ago


With the recent launch of the EOS Mainnet, developers and enterprises have wasted no time in taking advantage of the innovative features of this decentralized network. WORBLI is one of them

WORBLI is using EOSIO software to create an enterprise-grade financial services network. This network lets users access a variety of financial applications that we use every day on our laptops and smartphones. Through these applications, users will have all their financial services seamlessly integrated. By doing this, WORBLI will provide the most cost-effective and legally compliant technology framework in the world.

The cutting-edge features of the WORBLI network are made possible through the implementation of the EOSIO software. WORBLI is a code fork of the main EOS blockchain that allows it to govern its own independent blockchain, whilst reaping the benefits from the EOS main chain ecosystem.

As a financial services network built for business, WORBLI is optimized to comply with financial regulations. For this reason, companies can operate on the network with confidence.

“Enterprises want to accurately calculate the cost of deploying and using services on the WORBLI network. No CFO is going to sign off on fluctuating fixed overheads.”

WORBLI has also developed an innovative solution to fixing the price of network RAM, removing all volatility. This is invaluable to enterprises who want to accurately calculate the cost of deploying and using services on the WORBLI network. No CFO is going to sign off on fluctuating fixed overheads.

A code fork allows for an independent chain to host its own block producers. Just as the EOS Mainnet does, WORBLI will delegate block producer roles, but with a difference. Unlike EOS Mainnet, block producers on the WORBLI network will be rewarded equally and will not be anonymously nominated by the community. Instead, they will be selected by the WORBLI team through a due diligence process based on merit and ability to comply with financial regulations.This is one of the many benefits of having an independent governance layer.

As the number of projects building on the EOS network increases, the more vibrant and diverse the ecosystem will become. Projects like WORBLI are a testament to the incredible features available using the EOSIO software, which are a game changer in the distributed ledger technology space.

WORBLI fully expects more code forks to happen, and is incredibly supportive of it. Once applications can connect through inter-blockchain communication, mainstream adoption will be as rapid as it is inevitable.

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Very curious about your project! As you mention ibc, are you actively working on that at your end? Are you aware about any activities on b1 side? I am a bit worried this is going to be dropped from the roadmap as well, as so many features that were promised before the mainnet launch

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