Worbli-BP: EOSGo "Six Checkmarks" - April, 20th, 2018

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Worbli Block Producer

Worbli New logo.png

The World Blockchain initiative formally announces its candidacy as a block producer candidate for the EOS public chain. We support @EOSGo and their thorough evaluation of Block Producer candidates. This post offers our completion of EOSGo’s six checkmark criteria.

Please check out our website at https://eos.worbli.io for more information, to join our mailing list for updates or to contact us directly.

Here’s how you can find us on social media:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/worbli
Steemit - https://steemit.com/@worbli-bp
Medium - https://medium.com/@Worbli
Telegram - https://telegram.me/worbli
Telegram Testnets - Scholar, Jungle, EOSio.SG and superhero

Official Block Producer Name: Worbli-BP

Location of Company Headquarters:
5865 Neal Ave N
Suite 175
Stillwater, MN 55082
Note: We are a diverse global team spanning the globe with team members in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe

Official Corporate Information:
World Blockchain Initiative, LLC
251 Little Falls Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808
EIN: 82-4256402

Technical Plan and Specifications:

Prior to and immediately after the mainnet launch the Worbli block producer infrastructure will be hosted in and across multiple public clouds. In the absence of official guidance or empirical evidence we will need experiment with various hardware and network configurations to provide as performant and reliable a node as we possibly can. The areas we are actively working include:

  • Load balancing (where possible - eg. HTTP APIs).
  • Local failover from primary producer node to backup node.
  • Remote failover from a primary producer to a backup node in a remote datacenter.
  • Optimizing node synchronization.

We feel that a cloud deployment provides us with a degree of flexibility and responsiveness that will be required to maintain network stability and at the same time tune the network for optimal performance.

We are aware that this is an obvious approach and as a result the network runs the risk of unintentional centralization (vendor, geographic, jurisdictional). Our infrastructure is and will be highly portable allowing us to quickly migrate block production to alternate providers easily and quickly.

Our current plan is to use the AWS Ohio region and our primary location. Each location will run a producer node and at least one full node to serve HTTP request
and act as a warm standby in case of failure of the primary node.

At launch we will be running a mirror of the primary setup within a second cloud provider (to be determined).

Upon network stabilization we will migrate our primary producer to a physical data center based in the US. We are flexible as to the exact location and if chosen as a producer will work with the community to to determine an ideal location for a permanent physical presence. We expect to be running our primary node in a physical location by Q1 2019.

Note: We are deploying our own independent EOS blockchain to host our Financial Services Platform(FSP) and network dApps. We expect to be the first integrated FSP capable of handling fiat and digital currency deposits and transactions while offering the full suite of traditional banking services. For more information please check us out at https://worbli.io

We expect to consume a fraction of our deployed network resources to operate our Financial Services Platform. Therefore we wanted to offer our state of the art and secure Block Producer resources to the EOS main chain. Our hardware and cloud server deployment will meet or exceed existing financial compliance laws for financial transactions and data storage. We will be deploying additional block producers to support our independent chain as the network’s needs require over time.

The WORBLI Block Producer will strive to set the standard for data security, uptime, processing power and network bandwidth.

Testnet Nodes:
Telegram Account for testnet groups:

scholar: worbli

jungle: salamander

EOSio.SG: worbli

superhero: spaceghost

Security: We will meet or exceed the industry standards for financial institutions across the globe.

Our Priorities:

  • Consistent technical specifications across all of our nodes
  • Enhanced data security
  • State of the art monitoring software and custom scripts
  • Maximum uptime
  • Diverse geographic locations to the optimal benefit of the network
  • Giving back to the network
  • Contributing to the development of the EOS software by our software development team
  • Contributing to the development of open source EOS dApps by our software development team
  • Collaboration with our Block Producer community
  • Financial Transparency

Community Benefits:

  • Creating the first integrated financial institution serving the EOS community
  • A steady commitment to the unbanked and underbanked citizens of the world
  • Community dApp development
  • Funding an in-house development team dedicated to developing open source software for the EOS community
  • EOS blockchain development
  • Sharing our software development team’s discoveries and bug reports with Block.one and contributing to the EOS software github
  • Supporting community software development
  • Our executive team has and will continue to offer pro bono consulting services to various community projects
  • Our software development team will offer pro bono support to various community projects
  • Some of these projects currently include:
    Chintai leasing platform
    Governance and voting dApp

Our Team:

Domenic Thomas, CEO

Domenic Thomas is an entrepreneur experienced in full business cycles from startup to expansion of the core business. He has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and business consultant. He built one of the largest Integrative Medicine practices in the country, for example, before changing careers.

Domenic has been consulting in Blockchain Technology since 2016, volunteering his time to the Core Leadership Team at FLO (Florincoin), one of blockchain’s original networks (est June 2013). He has consulted across various industries including Digital Marketing, Healthcare and Automotive. Domenic is driven by ideas that help people take control of their personal authority and improve their economic opportunities.

Robert DeWilder - CTO

Robert Dewilder is a senior technology professional with 16 years’ hands-on experience managing large scale technical infrastructures, global digital supply chains and new applications. Robert’s most recent role is as the Director of Global Information Technology at Sony Music Entertainment, awhere he has held this position he has held for over 10 years.

Robert has progressed from Systems Administrator, Developer, Architect and Manager to Directorship. With considerable international experience, Robert is confident in leading teams of domestic and offshore developers, as well as managing non technical business expectations, objectives and budgets.


Laura Magnano - CMO

Laura Magnano is a Marketing Specialist with over a decade of experience leading and mentoring digital marketers across a variety of global and local businesses within the technology, lifestyle and beauty industries.

Laura has a keen interest in technology and cyber security, studying Counter Terrorism and Cyber Forensics. During her studies, Laura learned of her passion for psychology, consumerism, strategy and data, which she combined to commence her marketing career.


Craig Kellogg - Chairman of the Board

Craig Kellogg has been a leader in banking technology and fintech firms for almost 20 years. He has led strategic initiatives for companies including Wells Fargo, US Bank, and GE Capital, with whom he was the Vice President of Technology.

Craig’s career highlights include leading these organizations through significant transformational change including many mergers, acquisitions and technological evolution.


To learn more about the rest of our team and project, visit us at https://worbli.io


One more good project :)

As a supporter of the Worbli project, I am quite happy to see this news about launching a bid to become a top EOS block producer. This is fantastic! Once operational, Worbli's financial service should provide a new, more convenient way for people to be onboarded to the crypto world and all the opportunity it represents. Anything that furthers the goal of mainstream adoption is a step in the right direction, and choosing the EOS platform for implementation ensures prime positioning for the future!

Thanks cryptomancer. We appreciate your support from the beginning. We have so many more things to share in the coming weeks!

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Excuse me for advertising. It is necessary to earn. I'll try to stop soon. :)

From what I have read, and I have been following this project, it has a lot of potential! I'm hoping for good things! :)

Thank you kenny! You've been a great supporter from the beginning and we hope to have you involved in a big way as we get this project launched!

nice post and informative

Good luck I guess. You may need a lot of it going up against steem. ;) lol Congrats on being #1 in the steemit promoted section right now. There's no view count in the promoted section?

I don't see anything we are doing as "going up against steem". Steemit is and always will be a pioneering social media platform that will hopefully change the way we interact with social media forever. We hope to do the same to financial services.

Against Steem? I think you totally miss the point. And it will be EOS based BTW.

Isn't it a crypto? Do we need other cryptos besides steem, sbd and Bitcoin?

It's a Decentralized Bank and more.

Does it do fiat currencies? Thanks for the big upvotes. I'd upvote your comments but there is a .02 sbd earnings threshold so I upvoted a couple of your blog posts and I also followed you.

Thank you. Yes fiat currencies too.

Do you take Visa and/or Mastercard from USA clients? It is NOT easy to buy crypto in the USA.

We will be a fully compliant class "A" US bank through our current strategy. We have been researching this for over a year and engaged with global accounting and law firms to assist us in this process. Check out our whitepaper at www.worbli.io for more information.

good job

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Thank you for your support!

Yeah ..

Help me to level up, please upvote & comment in my post !!

Hi there, I originally posted some of these questions as a DM to Domenic on Discord but haven't gotten a reply yet, so posting them (and a few more) here:

I just read through the worbli whitepaper and I have an few initial questions.

  1. Is this the project you were alluding to around the time you resigned from VIVA?
  2. If tokens can't be bought by US citizens, how do you plan to allow for users who are US citizens? Related, if your token is strictly a utility token then why not offer to US citizens? If it's got profit potential, why not explore options for registering as a security so as to be able to raise funds in the US?
  3. Why launch the token on the ETH network when the whitepaper says the EOS block chain will support the development of separate blockchains with their own tokens as early as June? Why not wait a couple months and just start with an EOS token from day one?
  4. Do you have a more detailed projected budget than the one in the whitepaper? I'm curious about things like executive salaries, compliance costs for individual steps, and what it costs to retain Holland and Knight and these other top level firms mentioned in the whitepaper.
  5. I really wish I understood the technology better. Could you provide a breakdown of the tech involved in the project in terms of what parts have actually been done before so it for sure works, what parts are building on existing verified accomplishments into new ground but only by one or two steps, and which parts are completely new, never been done before? And for the completely new territory, what are the proposed steps in the pathway, and what are the reasons that they are likely to lead to a successful outcome?
  6. It looks like you are seeking to raise $47,000,000 through the ICO. Wouldn't it make more sense to instead have a series of smaller funding rounds as needed to build out the needed foundation and establish a track record of delivering?
  7. How long has this team been together and the company organized?
  8. What has the company accomplished prior to this?

This is awesome. I love your project. Banking on a Blockchain. Looking forward to this. June will be a greater month

Yes, we expect to have an impact on making digital currency more accessible to many people. It's important if we want blockchain to grow.

Good luck good project :)

Looking forward to seeing this project progress. All the best with your block producer candicy :)

hoping to see the project fly high. The project has potential and would love to see it to the moon.

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new blockchain project with new inovations, i hope it will release soon

Saludos, muy buena publicación, interesante. felicitaciones, gracias por compartirla.

[email protected] i have resteemed you post.

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i just follow you

Pretty nice !
I will look forward you guys nice work~ 😉

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