We are releasing another guide on Tuesday that we are dubbing "The EOS Launch Survival Guide". It includes tutorials on how to generate keys securely, which wallets are available, how to vote via command line, registering your address, and more. Registering one's address has been a priority for us. We have personally helped dozens of people on a one-on-one basis (anyone that has reached out). We've published registration guides months ago. We continue to answer questions on Reddit as often as we can. This particular statement was meant to convey the idea of one mainnet and we didn't want to confuse the issue. We will continue to advocate people register their address and we will work toward solutions for those who do not. Nothing will be lost.

Thank you for your response.

People should be aware there is tons of information out there and take some personal responsibility. That being said Dan and team have developed a fall back for unregistered people they will be fine but you 100% you should still register you can do it with a single click in Exodus blaming the BPs is pretty dishonest IMO.

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