EOS Final Stretches

in eos •  3 months ago


I have EOS in the final stretches of a C wave that should target the $3 region. Currently resistance runs up to $7.88 although topping at $6.68 is ideal as the .382 retrace of wave three down. Ultimately in the large wave 3, I see EOS going over $600 but it may take years. Timing on my charts are not accurate but if you know my history, price can be quite often. So, I've been picking it up as we go. Elliott Wavers always trade for those wave threes.

EOSUSD - Primary Analysis - Aug-29 0722 AM (1 hour).png

EOSUSD - Primary Analysis - Aug-29 0721 AM (1 day).png

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Hey, thanks for the great analysis! Trying to reconcile your chart to your comments. When you mentioned the .382 retrace of wave three down, did you mean to say $6.78 (not $7.68)?


Yes, you're right. Editing now.