WEOS Product Philosophy Explained

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WEOS Product Philosophy

Reality, practicality, efficiency, simplicity, security, and decentralization are embedded in our thought processes when designing product features. Features must reflect reality, not fantasy. There is a real world outside the virtual world of the Internet. People have needs related to work, family, and friends and that is where we will focus our attention on the communication platform. Features will be practical and provide real-life use-cases. We believe there is more value than that which has been realized through existing social media and communication platforms. “Reality” is the overarching concept that drives everything we do.

The product will make efficient use of the WEOS team’s available resources and existing technologies. Any new technologies will be born out of necessity rather than fanciful whims. Everything we do is all about building products and features that will provide a benefit to people and their lives. We will not fantasize about how people should act and attempt to force behavioral changes where unnecessary or unrealistic. We will stay grounded in reality.
The simplest way to do the same thing is almost always better. This philosophy is prevalent across the product world as pioneered by the “late and great” Steve Jobs. We do observe that simple is usually better–that this is a reflection of reality–so WEOS will adopt his philosophy.

Users’ data is the property of the users of WEOS. That is our belief, and it fits in perfectly with the current blowback against some current social media platforms. With blockchain technology and the peer-to-peer business models it now provides, we can extract more value than ever through direct revenue-sharing to users without all the middlemen taking their cut. This makes funding a social media platform much easier than before, not to mention the other benefits; for example community engagement and marketing by token holders. We do not believe in selling user data at all. The app will be designed in such a way that we couldn’t sell it even if we wanted to. We do not believe in compromising users privacy for profit, and what’s great about blockchain, is that we don’t even have to. Users’ data will be secure . . . forever.
If it can be done decentralized, all the better. Why is this better? Choice and freedom are always better than centralized control. Through trial-and-error and competition through the marketplace, WEOS will have a chance to become the best possible version of itself. There is no one individual or group that has an immutable monopoly on the best algorithms or the best AI to assist your user-experience. WEOS will be designed to allow parties to come in to help you in better ways than WEOS itself can. Existing platforms don’t give you that choice. Times are changing for the better and WEOS is proud to be at the forefront of this change.

-- Excerpt from WEOS whitepaper draft --

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