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RE: What is EOS? In layman’s terms

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EOS seems to strike a different balance between decentralised and Transactions per Second (TPS). It’s code base is much more complicated than running a regular website but the purpose is to have greater resilience and ‘money’/‘tokens’ ability baked in. The number of dApps launched is still underwhelming but these things take time.

Meanwhile, a few sister chains have been set up (e.g., Telos, EOS Force, Worbli), each with their own characteristics. This enlarges the scope and potential impact of the EOSIO platform, giving developers ample opportunity to bring a dApp to one of these chains.

I do not rule out that 2019 will still be slow in terms of dApps since humanity is still searching for new business opportunities and models for dApps. In the end, the EOSIO chains should attract enough users to encapsulate sufficient value to be sustainable. Time will tell whether this model is sustainable and sufficiently robust/anti-fragile.

Myself, I would be very interested to see how EOSIO chains would handle a new ICO wave. Especially paired to Worbli that has KYC baked in. This could be another tipping point towards mass adoption.

Don’t forget to obtain your Telos before the 6Mth block (expected around 16.01.2019) as Telos will great a snapshot then which can be used for future Airdrops on the Telos chain.

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