How to verify your EOS Tokens are correctly registered.

in #eos3 years ago (edited)

Ok, so you purchased your EOS tokens and moved them to your ERC-20 wallet. You then went through the process of registering your wallet where the tokens are stored. You tell yourself, I think I did it correctly. I hope. Well there is a way to verify that you have successfully registered your tokens. Follow these 8 simple steps below:

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet website (never click on a link to go here)
  2. Click contracts
  3. In the "Select existing contract" select EOS contribution
  4. Click the access button
  5. In the "Select a function" select keys
  6. Paste your registered public ETH address in the address box
  7. Click read
  8. If your EOS public key shows up in the "String" box, you have successfully registered your EOS tokens.

Whew! Now you tell yourself that you will be able to sleep a little easier tonight!

If your EOS public key did not show up go through the registration process again.

May I suggest the following video to help with registration:


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