Nameregister - EOS account creator (A private key is not required. Public you generate yourself)

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Nameregister - EOS account creator

This service based on a simple scheme - you send 4 EOS from exchange, in memo specify the name:public-key. BOT nameregister creates an account with your name and key and you can use new account!
You must generate the key pair separately and don't transfer the private key! Only public

As you can see in the file /conditions.js
The cost of creating 4 eos.
Of these, you get 4096 RAM. 1 EOS staked CPU, 1 EOS staked NET.
Without these resources, you will not be able to use your account. So the creation is paid.

To create an account you need:

  1. Generate new EOS key pair - Public and private key. You can use Don't send anyone your private key!
  2. Send EOS from exchange to address: nameregister with a special memo:

For example:


mylogin12345 - login which you want (only 12 symbol no more no less) Only letters and only this numbers - 1,2,3,4,5.
EOS8EnVfm6GakLJjDs6V2R514SWbcbf1hqMu2RLo1Hy32eMAJDsgb - Your generated PUBLIC key. Make sure that you have a private pair to this key.

login and key must be separated by a symbol :


  • Make sure you don't send a private key.
  • Make sure your username is not yet employed! You can search for a free name on the
  • Make sure that you follow the 12-character rule and don't use forbidden characters.
  • You must send at least 4 EOS + memo with login:pubkey.

After you send 4 EOS, bot immediately tries to create an account for you.
The conditions for creating an account are coded here /conditions.js
You can check the nameregister account activity immediately after sending the coins

For sure, there may be typos from users, for example you send the wrong name and bot can't create an account automatically.
In this case Your tokens will not be lost! - Just write to me in telegram and I'll create a new account for you manually.

🖖 Contact & Support

Also try my account tracker


What's the actual account creation fee at the moment?


Работает! Спасибо Вик! Ты огромный молодец!

еще бы. ))

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Вик! а на русском нету? а то я сходу не все поняла, а переводчиком не хочется переводить!

Вик, привет! А можно тебе в сатошах отправить сколько там надо?

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