EOS to take over -- rising wedge combined with cup and handle

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I have been trading for 6-7 years now and stumbled into crypto a couple years ago. I don't trade full-time but have seen my fair share of wins and losses. One of the lessons I have had to learn is patience. What am I being patient for? The right setup. Throwing money at a chart that doesn't scream buy is a bad idea and I have done that more times than I can count.

This chart though... If it does not explode to the $20's I swear I will forget trading all-together.

First off - the rising wedge is real nice. It could not get any more spot on. EOS might bounce around for another few days but it should explode higher granted some catastrophe doesn't happen.

Second - on top of that the cup and handle is really decent. Coming together with the wedge is perfect.

I could be wrong with this but hey > its one of the best intermediate time frame setups that I've seen in a while. GLTA

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Taking over ETH one day at a time!

EOS will take over ETH? Sounds like fantasy to me my friend! Anyone who likes real advice and investing information check out my posts, and I follow back if you follow me!

A am counting on it!

You obviously haven't read up on EOS, or followed the development progress. ETH has significant scaling issues, EOS does not. ETH uses an interpreted language, EOS uses C+ which is significantly faster. I.E. Even more scaleable! ETH is looking more and more like Bitcoin all the time. Large, slow, less adaptable.

ETC could be a contender for ETH, they have had a lot to think about and are making changes to follow.

Time Will Tell! :D

I think you underestimate the power of first mover. I mean look at bitcoin, it's technology is rubbish and it is still by far the largest crypto! Also, all the people who have created businesses through Ethereum are just going to give up and start again on EOS? I think not.

Ethereum has at least proven what it can and cannot do already, everything in terms of EOS capabilities are speculation until they are a $127 billion cryptocurrency like Ethereum. Time might never tell whether EOS can handle that popularity, because I would be very suprised if it ever hits $100 billion+ market cap.

EOS will quickly eclipse ETH, regardless of the number of programmers it has. Anyone who knows C+ can pick up the docs on EOS and begin programming DAPPS on EOS. There are thousands of books, courses and videos on programming in C+.

ETH uses a new language with extremely little documentation, with even fewer developers who know it.

A handful, vs. Millions. You do the math and see which one will be the turtle. ;) Keep researching, the more you learn the better you'll be at predicting Crypto. ;)

(Bitcoin is also losing ground to more capable coins... Watch this continue until they release a fantastic coding update everyone likes. If they ever do. :) )

Good post. When I started learning Ethereum & Solidity it was a nightmare with very few docs etc to learn from.

Now there are a handful of very good video courses but it is still difficult to learn Solidity and bugs in remix etc but getting better.

When i test a contract it can take 30 seconds for Ethereum to tell say a test small lottery contract so the user who entered the contract needs to wait 30 seconds " please wait confirming your entry to lottery" .

Many wont wait for the app message on screen "You been entered in the lottery" message to come back 30 secs later they stare at the screen impatient and click away.

Many hacks, eth stolen, $millions eth locked in contracts due to security issues and contract killed by kids messing on github....

Certified Ethereum Developer exam still not available at cryptoconsortium.org so no standard qualification, but ethereum still newish so could overtake bitcoin , who knows.

EOS if they get it easier to code than solidity and faster to transact on blockchain and cheaper will overtake ethereum , have to wait and see its everything to play for 2018 interesting year.

I made a one hour video course on my blog about EOS 1 year ago as i saw it had great potential, June 2018 be interesting and significant if they get EOS to be better than ethereum.

Certified Bitcoin Professional

i will check your post>!

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To the moon man. I like your post.

Retracement and consolidation at the moment. Follow me for more!

yeah nah you're technical analysis was wrong. It's not how you do it ... the key is all about support and resistance lines and then news. Nothing more nothing less.


I Agree!

Stock market analysis has routinely failed in the crypto world, as far as predictions go. Software updates and problems/success make huge changes in a day, completely messing up these kind of predictions.

Stock market analysis fails routinely in the stock market world.

LOL Indeed it Does!!


Actually I was right - after my post price hit $18+ but keep using whatever method works for you :)

This month $50?

I sincerely doubt it but anything is possible

I believe in it science the beginning. :)

Eos has lots of potential. People gotta learn to hold (:

Eos rules!

I definitely agree that EOS has potential. Every alt coin with a road map has potential, intrinsically. EOS has the added benefit of being a "Blockchain 3.0" coin like Cardano and NEO. That being said, its our duty to recognize good shilling from bad, and this post is bad!

yeah it was mainly a plug for the trading site > regardless I was right ;)

Well, he was right EOS has exploded. Now, by analysis, it is maybe Bitcoin's turn!


Some of the best things that have ever happened to us wouldn’t have happened to us, if it weren’t for some of the worst things that have ever happened to us.”

EOS is making a special announcement at their meetup in South Korea in a few hours. Rumors that they might announce a major parternship. Could do wonders for the price of the tokens!

that my problem I am holding all good coins just cant afford more lol...

Nice graph thanks for this post 👍🏽🔝🔝

Some of the best things that have ever happened to us wouldn’t have happened to us, if it weren’t for some of the worst things that have ever happened to us.”

Hey, the UPcoin that you linked at the end of your post has inconsistent information on their website. I think it's worth noticing.

Thanks for point that out. I'm not sure if I will continue to push the site.

I checked on this and it looks to be a 2% fee for fiat only .2% for trades. I agree it's somewhat confusing.

I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not...If it's not, I've gotta say... I don't think technical graph analysis really works for alt coins. If crypto currencies were a stable asset class and actually reflected some aspect of modern economy, then maybe technical analysis would be helpful. You can track basically every alt coin's boom with major anouncements or shilling in the community.
Just my opinion though!

This has been my thought from the start.

wise words for sure

strong wording withcareful analysis. but crypto market is no respecter to technical analysis. it more of fundamental and sentimental. else this setup in other market its a bomb. its a money dublicator.

EOS will be King!

EOS has a lot of potentials.
thanks for the post

I agree.

to the moon with it :D

To the mooon

Thank for the sharing, I haven't seen such a configuration before! Do you also share ideas in tradingview?

hay guys, im is a new user, i need a learning and upvote.

You can search for tutorials and posts on Steemit to help you navigate and understand the site better. Welcome to Steemit.

Thanks for the info I did a course on EOS a year ago its going to be very successfull , the blockchain one team are in cayman islands and june 2018 is a significant date when the software goes live. Dan Larimer steemit, bitshares involved.

It´s at 0.00100092 BTC now (-17.78%)...so it goes the other way :/

Just got my first EOS tokens for $200 yesterday, i also checked their github, is looking cool

Up 26% EOS as i write 00.09 time UK 13 January 2018 you were right

Thanks. Nice article. I really appreciate it.

Yea its gonna be EOS time very soon, its going to be a game changer. The tech is amazing I am looking forward to trying to hold more EOS soon :D

EOS, Neo and XZC are my absolute favourites ICX also. A lot of potencial - waiting to be expressed in a "chart". If I had to decide to put all my money in Crypto and drop out for 1-2 or maybe 3 years. Guess which coin I would bet on in the long term...

Thanks man! I really believe in EOS! It's the crypto with the best vision and could really go to the moon in 2018!

Thank you,

loved your analysis. wish fundamentals will also be in your support. thanks for sharing. hope to follow your advice once you prove this analysis right.

Honestly, coming from traditional finance there aren't really fundamentals in this market. Once block producers start getting paid and people start developing live apps on-chain then there might be some fundamental analysis that can be done. Thanks for your comment.

On this I would not disagree, but we are already getting there. Look on Ethereum. But you're right also. A lot of folk just throw its money into a coin, because of whatever but not really because of estimating the true value of the technology implemented or tried to push further.

you know better than me. No need of argument here. best of luck. love.

liked you post :)

Simple and has high impact!

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this is very interesting

Eos is cool
Thank you for this post !


i really feel bad because i din't invested in EOS, do you think it's still good to jump in? i invested in coins like NULS and DeepBrain now they are at loss.

Yes, dollar cost average. Forget the shitcoins, hold long term.


i wish i bought in at .50 cents =)

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@verdes22 Such a great article

nice analysis. (please upvote me too)

EOS has a bright future I know it

I belive we need to do a deep analysis regarding the issue because the topic is not covering all the aspects and the market is always unpredictable.

What would you like to analyze?

This has been one of my weaknesses...differentiating an ascending triangle to a falling wedge...
it's all about the overhead gradient

Very impressed, patience was the beginning of success.
Let me follow you in steemit

Thanks for this

Nice post, I always like to see charts get ready and line up with fundamentals. jan 31st dawn(testnet 3.0) will go live. Think its about to explode as well. Been accumulation for quite some time now.

Great call.. anymore on the cards?

Guys Steem Dollar is About to Rocket, Trust Me Just transfer it bittrex or wherever you wan't and hold it.

I posted this same thing on my blog about 7 days ago! It's on it's way up and following a traditional pattern for a stock. I'm not sure how well-correlated this is for cryptocurrency, but I'm excited to find out.


i am all in eos

Dan vs. Vitalik is the Steve vs. Bill of our generation.

This is so true

great post I have always been a fan of EOS Eth on steroids haha thank you for the analysis I will keep a close eye on that one I hope your are right so you don't give up this great thing :)

Great data, thanks for sharing. If your interested in photography, check my posts, let me know what you think.

I like the charts and a great look. EOS is a big hitter and so is NEO.

I like EOS and think it will do some big things. I also enjoy getting the sharedrops.

great post dude

The problem I see is that the volume is too low. If the volume were to pick up sure 20 it goes. The volume is showing little support at the height, so chances are in a bear market that is coming down.

I like EOS as a long-term hold. Hoping they can help with the scaling issue

To the moon.

has lots of potential. People gotta learn to hold

Charting is for overall views. I personally don't rely on chart analysis, is good to understand some chart basic like support, resistance. Chart does not create the market, market create chart and chart is basically history of the market. Want to know how market doing, you have to understand how people think and their views. People rely on news, rumors. Does it panic the investor or make investor to believe there is uptrend coming.

thanks a lot for sharing now the cituation very bad I hope it'll get better very soon

It'll all be okay don't fret

all in EOS. thanks

the upcoin really interest me. Crypto reminds me of predatory loans (80%) and over when they first came out. Too many people trying to make a quick buck and not enough taking care of the client. Thanks for the link!

I like your post, good luck for you

Bitcoin group??

Your post is very interesting

Very interesting.
Can I follow your posts?