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RE: EOS CPU and Net delegation is live!

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Thanks for sharing. I haven't really been keeping up with EOS, but I have tokens. I have only seen sites like eosflare for tracking my account - is there something like an equivalent of for EOS that acts like an account hub/wallet? What D-Apps are on the horizon?
I will check out your site for delegation, thanks again.


There some well know accnt management:


Mobile: EOS Lynx :

So I downloaded eos-voter but I need to get my private active key to use it. I activated my Eos tokens via Exodus wallet and am pretty sure I've never seen a password for the account (although I do have the account username for EOS). How can I find the Owner/Active private keys?

I think in Exodus active/owner private keys are the same thing. Go to the developer menu in Exodus and there you can see your EOS private keys.

To actually have active and owner key separated you have to change permissions. Maybe it would be easier and more safe to put some EOS to a newly created account and just play with it a little bit to not screw up the main account. :)


Maybe so, I am in the process of creating a new EOS account but the site I have found to do that is charging around $6 USD. I'll come back and finish this tomorrow after some sleepz. Thanks for your help.

It's actually much cheaper if you already have an EOS account. You can use simplEOS wallet to create a new account by yourself. The only thing you have to pay for is RAM, which should be like 0.5 EOS.

If you will download simplEOS you can send me the code, which it lets you create and I can make that account for you. No problem whatsoever.


Great, thanks, I'll take a look. Got any links for D-Apps that are live?

What about ? It's not just a wallet, but also offers features such as staking, buying RAM, transfering tokens and much more. To use myeoskit you need Scatter.

Dapps. Well there are few of course and many are being created as we are speaking! You can check some of them here:
What I suggest you to try is a game called it's just an idle game, but very nice showcase of the speed of EOS blockchain and also why games on the ETH blockchain just doesn't work.


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