First ever non-fungible token standard for EOS!

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We are very happy to announce that UNICO in collaboration with EOS Cafe Calgary have developed the first ever non-fungible token (NFT) standard for EOS! This development opens the way to the deployment on the EOS blockchain of many important NFT-based use cases and, in particular, to the launch of UNICO's Collectibles as a Service (CaaS) platform, which will enable anybody to create and sell their own limited-edition cryptocollectibles. This is a new way for artists, performers and emerging talents worldwide to monetize quality digital content.

The test code and additional technical information can be found in UNICO's github. For tech feedback and discussions, please join this group.

To keep up to date with UNICO's project developments, make sure you follow our social channels on Twitterand Telegram.



Good job, guys 😃

Cool update! Good luck! Upvoted

Nice work so far. One concern that came up is the definition of a standard.

Your proposal effectively provides a master contract which would then be used to issue NFTs through nft::create function, as opposed to defining a standard interface for NFTs like Ethereum's ERC721, and letting developers create their own contracts by implementing that interface.

What are your thoughts around that?

The contract mirror eosio.token, which provides a master contract used to issue tokens through token::create function. We are next looking into being able to trade NFTs between two contracts, which would enable developers to implement their contracts implementing the interface.

seems very cool ^^

excellent idea

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