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RoadMap of UnlimitedEOS

We have a Dapp which called UnlimitedIP is under development. This project mainly focuses on the copyright industry. We will improve the copyright ecology from copyright protection, copyright attestation, copyright registration, copyright exchange, and Copyright incubation.

The Alpha version of ours copyright attestation and copyright registration was released on February 2018. People can upload their works on the blockchain, and we will provide them with a certification of Copyright which includes the Hash of their work and time stamp from their uploading. With these proofs, copyright holders can protect their work easily.

At the end of this month, Uni-wallet, The Wallet that supports most of the mainstream Coins and Tokens, The Wallet that will make Financing Crypto Asset never been more convenient, will be open for beta test. Uni-Wallet has a function built in that can help others project to register their Token from ERC20 to EOS Main Net.

On August, The Copyright exchange which has not been named yet, will make it’s first appearance to public. This exchange is going to be a Game changer in copyright industry . Follow our Twitter and join our Telegram group to get more info about our exchange.

Position on Dividend

Our opinion is quite simple. We will not offer any sort payment for voters. Vote buying is as same as a bribe. Bribing is the last thing we want for a transparent community.
We will provide an excellent service for the community to earn votes. We have already made contact with some of the top RAM provider, Top ISP, and Internet security team, to make sure we have the best hardware and a stable connection.

This is how we going to allocate the inflation if we are elected.

We will publish all the spending to the community.


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