Bitfinex to build EOSfinex, The First Decentralized Exchange On The EOS.IO Platform

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All crypto dealers will agree that a major disadvantage for the entire ecosystem is currently centralized exchange. Companies like Coinbase rake in billions of dollars through inflated fees and commissions on what should theoretically be a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Crypto Exchange Bitfinex plans to remedy this issue with a decentralized exchange of its own.

According to Coinmarketcap, Bitfinex's fifth largest exchange of almost $ 1 billion has been trading in the last 24 hours. In a statement yesterday, the company introduced the first high-performance decentralized exchange to be built on EOS.IO technology.

The company has said that its new product, EOSfinex, will combine EOS speed and scalability with its own industry-leading industry competence. The result will be an on-chain exchange that provides fast, transparent and trustworthy transfers of digital currencies.

EOS.IO, with the ability to handle thousands of transfers per. Second, was well suited to the goals of Bitfinex to continue pushing the boundaries of the platform with high volume.


EOS is a blockchain protocol that enables horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (dApps). This effectively allows developers to create high performance distributed applications that do not work in the same chain. Ethereum developers are working on a similar technology called sharding, which will ease the same when the update is rolled out.


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I read this news 100 times already! what's the point of publishing the same thing?


I do believe EOS is going to shake the apple cart a lot , I read some rumors that there was some serious players going to EOS but it is all hush hush for now . ETH might be in a bit of a spot when EOS launches . Awesome times ahead for us EOS believers ...

This is just one reason why EOS will be awesome and ‘the crypto’ come release day! Now to register to make sure I don’t lose my EOS tokens!


Yes, i just have to figure out how to register :)


Also once EOS gets going the existence of a native exchange (EOSfinex) will make those airdrops from Block.One to EOS holders much more valuable.

This project is going to be very helpful. You are right todays biggest problem is centralize exchange.EOS.IO and Bitfinex have partnered up to build the first decentralized exchange to be built on the EOS.IO technology. EOSfinex aims to combine the scalability and speed of EOS.IO with Bitfinex’s industry-leading expertise. The new project is said to deliver an “on-chain” exchange designed to offer a fast, transparent and trustless platform for the trading of digital assets. This partnership will be change the system of trading in cryptoworld.


It will be a massive improvement over centralised exchanges but there will still be counter party risk, it’s just that the counterparty won’t be a registered company.



Wow, this is insightful, frankly speaking you just drew my attention to something, it never crossed my mind that Coinbase was centralized. I am sure Bitfinex will do a us a lot of good. Thank you for sharing Sir!


My pleasure!

thanks for sharing updates on this awesome project . we need decentralize exchange system with better alternatives, resteemed

Hopefully, the success of the EOSFinex combination will lead to the creation of more and better built decentralised exchange platforms. I'd also like to note how centralisation doesn't just defy the purpose of cryptos, but also puts all investors at risk of getting their keys/funds stolen by hackers (and we all know that they'll probably one or two big attempts per year). I'm really looking forward to EOSFinex, and as a EOS believer, I'm even more excited!

Great post! LOVE EOS AND LARIMER! If you want to keep track of EOS and all other holdings check out the best crypto portfolio tracker -

I love this news. You provide new knowledge on me and other readers about crypto.

I wont be surprised to see many other centralized crypto exchanges jump on board eos blockchain.

Decentralised exchanges are a game changer. They will enhance financial liberty. Because governments can regulate centralised exchanges but decentralised are a different story. I dont own any eos coins but after this anouncement. I'm looking forward to buy some. Thanks for the article Tradewonk

you create a great post......i impressed to see your post......i hope everybody like your post...thanks for shear it..

A very important project. But it will not be easy to implement. Because it is not easy to make transactions from millions of different centers fast

thanks for sharing such an informativ post thanks alot sir i am galde follwing you!

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Seems cool. If I was aloud to use it. The orginal Bitfinex is blocked from my state..... :(

awesome! saw this news yesterday and was waiting for the word to get around ... bullish for EOS!

a very good post, I will always follow the latest posts from you.

Sangat menambah wawasan. ide cemerlang ini sangat membantu suatu aktivitas proyek. terima kasih saya kepada anda sudah membuat postingan yang sangat luar biasa ini.

In the wake of the recent exchange hacks/insolvencies, this is massively needed!

This type of commercial adoption is exactly what needs to happen for EOS to capture the market.

If tokens aren't securities, why are they traded on exchanges? Etherbay - a new way

great post sir. learn many things, really very informative.