Dan Larimer of BlockOne talks about BFT dPoS

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Daniel Larimer of BlockOne discussion

Daniel Larimer, the CTO of BlockOne recently took part in an interview filmed at offices in Virginia with a team representing @eosgo. The full videos will show @dan discussing the topic of BFT dPoS as it has never been discussed before.

BFT dPoS with Daniel Larimer (Jan 2018) Video Teaser

Coming soon. The full discussion will be released in two videos - Jan 2018.

I was able to contribute to this effort by preparing and editing the video to be released as well as this teaser.

People involved in this effort

@bluejays (eosgo)

To get updates and/or get involved with more of the EOS community visit the EOS Go Community Forum

@eosgo on Steemit also updates daily on telegram chats that go on regarding the community. Please visit their EOS Go Steemit Profile to follow their efforts.

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That was a true Teaser. Looking forward to the real video.


Fast & Furious

Isn't this what Charles Hutchinson stole and added in cardano?

Great editing dear and great teaser, great to hear people giving us the updates.

Thank you darling. It was great to be able to work on this.

it is time to change cryoto

Very good your post...

you already know! Trezor coming today too!!!

Thank you @topkpop for being an amazing editor! We're thrilled with the beautiful intro, outro and astonished at the speed with which you've put all this together! Couldn't be happier to work with such a passionate advocate for crypto. Go EOS!

Thank you very much :) Go EOS!

Some good info in there , All ways good to see the block chain people discuss whats up and coming .

It is indeed, I couldn't agree more.

Look forward to more updates on this. In my opinion, we should be able to buy EOS through our Steemit wallets.

That would be really cool.

You're killing me with that abrupt ending I feel like I just watched a Silicon Valley promo 😂

hahaha! I am sorry to laugh but you are totally right! I didn't even think about it. Gosh I love that show. Well it was supposed to be a teaser right? leave you wanting more. Looks like it did the trick :)

I cant wait to listen to the full video...well done @topkpop

Thank you :) I hope you got a chance to see part 1 shared on the eosgo profile

Thats so cool your involved with this project. I recently read @dan post on Cardano's Ouroboros dpos system. It's a shame they did not credit Dan for the original work of dpos. Its a bit unsettling that their assumptions on performance differ so much from Dan's estimation. I do think its wonderful that EOS is there to compete with the ADA project. I am sure there are a few more that might add to the competition to make a great, highly scale-able, fast contract token that might really help in the near future.

Ooh what a great comment! So informative too. You will best comment of this thread hands down. I don't really have anything to award you with other than my praise but I give it to you. I was glad to be able to be involved. It definitely took a good while with some stuff but I am proud with the outcome. I love what he is talking about and bonus for me got to learn a bit extra.

That is some very interesting content! You've gained a new follower, and hopefully I will gain one too!
Be sure to always keep innovating and continue with that type of content!

Well thank you :) I do try to do what I can that is for sure.

EOS is in my radar from last 1 month , i am also in deep into crypto , very nice explanation i like it .... ;-)

@adityajainxds #thealliance

Yes having EOS on your radar is a very very smart idea :)

Way to go topkpop!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve not followed much of what is going on with EoS, dPos or any of that so I look forward to these videos being released and gaining some information.

It is definitely something you should take a look at. I am busy editing the additional videos and they will be released to the community on the eosgo profile so that should be exciting.

Great info @topkpop looking forward to the full discussion videos, always need additional info on BFT and dPos. Good Job!

Thanks! I hope you got a chance to see part 1 (posted on the eosgo profile)

Looking forward to the full video, you did an excellent job @topkpop!

Thank you :) It was quite an effort but finally all done.

Awesome editing and a true teaser

Thank you :) And yes indeed it is. Keep them wanting more.

That worked I look forward to the next one


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I like that video, but I want to, can you give me another video about BFT
thank you

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