EOSFactory v2.1 compatibility update + requested features

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Since it’s barely been a few days since the release of EOS 1.3.0, it turned out that some compatibility adjustments were needed to our also very fresh release of EOSFactory v2.0.

Long story short, we would like to present EOSFactory v2.1, compatible with the latest EOS 1.3.0, but also backwards compatible with the previous EOS 1.2.x. In this release, we also managed to squeeze in a couple of highly requested features such as:

  • Local testnet running in a headless mode (this allows you to run EOSFactory in a GUI-less environment, e.g. Ubuntu Server, or via SSH).
  • All functionality ported to Python, no need to compile any C++ code.
  • Precise error reporting in unit tests, utilizing Python’s assertRaises(Error) feature.
  • Improved folder structure within Python modules.
  • Simplified syntax for logger management.

A walkthrough of the features and typical workflow can be seen here:

We hope to see you at the London Hackathon tomorrow, as we have just landed and about to get a drink with some of the awesome EOS crews that are already here.

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Need to try your stuff.

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so coool . thanks a lot for creating this project.