EOS Factory 2.4 is out.

in eos •  last month

We're happy to announce the v2.4 service release of EOS Factory. In this one, we have focused on documentation improvements and introduced some other features, all listed below. As usual, leave your comments and check out our Telegram support group.

  • General code overhaul & clean-up.
  • Documentation improved & revised.
  • Introduction of code patterns.
  • Several bug fixes.

Also, we are looking for a bright minded developer to take on EOS Factory, as we're ramping up our efforts to make it better. If anyone is interested, please email contact@tokenika.io

All the best in 2019 from Tokenika and don't forget to support us with your votes for Tokenika4eos - we want to see EOS blossom as much as you do!

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