is there currently any DPOS system which is working fine? (Steem?)

Many in early stages, bitshares and steem, but also stuff like lisk, ark, and tezos. but just cause its DPOS doesn't mean it will operate the same as EOS, but their "mining" algorithms are derived from dan's DPOS

is Tezos using the "mining" algorithm from dan´s DPOS?

well, how it depends how specific you want to be, will Tezos implement DPOS slightly differently than other DPOS systems? Very likely. But Dan Larimer invented DPOS, so in some sense all DPOS are derived from Dan's work, You can follow this back many levels though. again it's about specificity, for example, the guys at IOTA invented regular POS, so all DPOS could nod their hats to them too. We will see when Tezos comes out what the real differences are, but i will note that Tezos is all about consensus on state, whereas EOS has implied state through their consensus on messages, that is one big difference. The details of DPOS implementation can vary a lot, but as DPOS algorithms, they will have some distinct commonalities.

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Soon Ethereum will change over to POS of some kind, if I understand the current plan correctly, early next year was the target I heard..
Thus many ETH miners are looking at ETC or other blockchains at that point.

I don`t think ETC is currently the most profitable blockchain after Ethereum (Zcash is it).

Steem and BitShares

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