Nicely explained:) Upvoted!

i like your drawings--easier for me to understand it, let us see where eos will be

freaking awesome! 100% upvote and resteemed! #moon

Great job @theschrammhit001 Was it you did the writing? It has a good organic touch and it saves time compared to doing it with software. That's some efficient thinking :-) probably another reason that drove you to EOS.

For sure EOS is poised to reach the top 5 and I would recommend that you use the Bitshares DEX to get your open.EOS and have the highest control I have seen so far on your private key!

Alrite christian, nice posts mate. Keep accumulating eos on its rise, but looking to buy a big chunk. You think think this rise is sustainable? Better to wait for a big correction? Cheers ..