Do NOT Download EOSIO Wallet Explorer! Valeriy Dorojkin Will Steal ALL Your EOS Tokens!

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I’ve been in the blockchain space since 2014. I never keep my private keys online or in any digital devices. I have even created my own writing system to better encode my private data which I keep in a safe.

I waited for months to use Scatter because it was new and I wasn’t sure if it could be trusted. Scatter is fine. Exodus wallet, where I first purchased EOS, is safe. My mistake was putting my private keys into EOSIO Wallet on my iPhone. I figured since it was on the App Store, that it could be trusted. I and many other people were wrong.

My EOS account name is gqzdombxgqge and I had 500 EOS tokens when the Genesis Snapshot was taken. Even after the launch of the mainnet, I would only use Exodus to check the value of my coins. After seeing that Scatter was legit, I put my private keys from paper into it. I played that silly wizard game and tried to play the dice game when a message came up letting me know that my authority was wrong.

I immediately contacted ECAF and they have frozen my account. If this were a Bitcoin or Etheruem hack, I’d be shit out of luck, but EOS was designed in a better way so when hacks like this happen, we can get our accounts back.

I’ve seen on Reddit and other social media that some other people have been hacked by this same app, so I contacted Apple to let them know about it and gave them ECAFs email so they could further investigate and hopefully take down this app soon.

In a foolish rage I sent an email to the developer with subject title, “You’re dead”, and a message, “I swear to god I will find and kill you.”

That probably wasn’t the best idea, but I don’t care. If Valeriy Dorojkin is even your real name, I’m sure you are reading this. You are stupid to think you can get away with this on the blockchain. I want you to know it was me who alerted ECAF and Apple to your little scam. My name is Jeremiah Lee Custis and my nickname is Jay. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I have military training and fear neither prison or death. If you want some, come and get it. I’m easy to find.


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Are you seriously doing digital death treat ? that's not very responsible. You could get into trouble.
Hope you will be more prudent with your PK in the future, good day to you.

I had 983 EOS stolen by the same person. I reported it to Apple on August 6 (case ID 100606592420). They did not remove the app until last month. I totally feel your pain. If you get more info please post here.