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Edit: Some changes added after great community feedback.

Token Distribution

  • No ICO
  • No airdrop
  • Receive token for registering (know you customer)
  • Receive token for showing up (daily)
  • Can be bought from users / exchanges later on

Token Economy (tokenomics)

  • Receive voice if your post / comment is liked
  • If you are out voiced ie someone pays more to voice above you, then you get your voiced tokens back + 10-15%
  • If you are top voiced comment after 24 hours with no further actions on said post, voiced tokens are burned and lost.


  • Initially a web app
  • Mobile app is expected to follow shortly after
  • Content from other platforms can be linked for likes / comments


  • Will not host videos but can be embedded from multiple sources inc YouTube etc...


  • eos.io v1.8 (currently in test-net)


  • Currently expected in 3 to 6 month (Sep. to Dec.)

I am not working with B1 and above information are what I gathered from various telegram discussions. Some / All of above information might change.

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Image source: voice.com


I’m looking forward to it when it comes out 😬😎

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Yes me too, can’t wait for it.

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Very useful information my friend. Thank u.

I am glad you like it!

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it should be interesting to see how it will begin

Is this time 3 - 6 months the time when beta users who have already registered get invited, or when it beomes open for all?