EOS mobile phone stand - 3d design / print

in eos •  4 months ago

Since I like to 3d print gadgets (some more useful than others) I thought to print this time something I will actually use on a daily basis.

I proudly present the "EOS mobile phone stand"

EOS phone stand by tarekadam111.jpg


Design Top view


Design Side view

The design has been made in Fusion360, a CAD software I use for years and absolutely recommend. For the holder dimensions I took the width and thickness of my Nexus 5x phone but most other phones should fit in there as well.

3d Print

Once I completed the design in Fusion I saved it as an .STL file and imported it into Slic3r to prepare for 3d printing.

EOS mobile stand.gif

had issues to keep the part stick to the print bed but an extra layer of glue fixed that problem.

EOS phone holder design by tarekadam.jpg

In case you have a 3D printer and want to give it try, I have uploaded the part to Thingiverse for free download.



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Very cool design ! My dad has gotten the form lab 3D printer and I can’t wait till I can start using it


Very nice! I hope to see some prints from you soon :-)

Looks nice !

I have to admit, from the image I saw in my feed I thought the part with the EOS logo was going to be the part holding up the phone, but this is a very good design too.


Thank you, I am happy you like it.

You just made it looks even spectacular great work @tarekadam


Thank you!

It sure does looks pretty great by the way !


Thank you.

a creativity that is very useful, good luck friend

so cool! nice job man

Excellent post friend congratulations

@tarekadam, awesome work done, and i want to appreciate your work because you've put your Enthusiastic thoughts into this practicality and now you've come up with great work for sure.

And for sure your mobile is reflecting awesome now because that EOS stand now added value and in my opinion these kind of Enthusiastic work will going encourage others too, to come up with these kind of creative work.

And yes, when we hold real enthusiasm towards something then we try to create or bought gadgets related to that aspect so that it will give an essence to us which reminds us that we are greatest Fan for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂