EOS Gumbals - 3d print

in eos •  7 months ago

Today I saw a Gimbal design on Thingiverse and got inspired to add something similar into the EOS name.

EOS GimbalN3D.jpg
3d printed result

EOS N3D.gif

The design has been made in Fusion 360 with a simple sketch that with 2 letters and a series of circles.

EOS Gimbals 2.png

Loading the .stl file into Slic3r shows you how the printed layers of the 3d model will look like.

May-19-2018 14-05-28.gif

The .stl file has been uploaded to my Thingiverse page and is free to download.

All the best.


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Interesting process. Is Slic3r a CAD tool? Thanks!


Fusion360 is the CAD tool and Slic3r is the software to format the file for the 3d printer.


Thanks for the explanation. I wrote software (a long time ago) for a company that had a CAD section whose job was to digitize utility maps. We wrote programs for making sure the digitized data didn't have any breaks, or was missing items like maybe a telephone pole, or a repeater. It was an interesting environment to develop software.


Nice work, need a good skil in order to produce a very nice work @tarekadam

The EOS Gimbal design is really cool and amazing in appearance and literally speaking this design is upgrading the value of EOS name. Thanks for sharing this awesome stuff with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

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That's just freaking cool addition by you looks brilliant :D

kerja yang bagus bang @tarekadam semoga selalu di berik
an keberkahan dan kesuksesan hidup di dunia ini.