Will we have Two or Three Chains claiming themselves to be 'Mainnet' on EOS?

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Just two days left before the final launch of EOS and there's a lot of FUD going on in Block Producers channels, there are a lot of geographical issues and some technical efficient block producers are having clashes over the launch of mainnet.

Why all the fuss? Why can't just Block.One launch the mainnet?

Cause of legal issues Block.One has sided themselves from the launch of the mainnet. As the news goes, I believe, Block.One won't be voting on any chain until the community themselves comes to a consensus on a single mainnet.

It seems there are some ego clashes who could securely launch the mainnet, with three BIOS running by China, eosCanada and eosDAC respectively.

Few days back we had @eos_go reporting the clashes among Block Producers to launch their own mainnet, the news came out from China media IMEOS as Kevin states in the video " The Chinese Community is willing to launch the Mainnet themselves, as they have capitalist and majority of BP residing in China, which makes them stronger and it appears that some clashes among the BP are going on"

In few hours after the video, everything changed @eosnewyork came up with the post "We pledge to the community one main chain", in hours they were supported by many Block Producers and now the number of Block Producers pledging seems to have gone up to 88.

Still, the fear of launch of two or three mainnets continue?

There are two/three (not sure if Chinese Community is still involved after the single Mainnet Pledge) groups who have developed different software for the launch of EOS Mainnet.

The one is by @eosdac @hkeos and @eosrio known as the Ghostbuster Secure, which is security first strategy mainnet designed to keep the launch secure. This group believes launching the mainnet using such strategy will safeguard the EOS mainnet launch from the hackers.

They have been multiple attack on Junglenet where one attacker playfully was shutting down the nodes. We needed a more robust technology and it seems Ghostbuster came up with the right tech to solve the problem.

The Other group is ked by @eoscanada

@eoscanada have themselves taken the initiative to develop and design the launching BIOS for all the block producers. With the right marketing technique, they have onboard majority of the Block Producers to the BIOS BOOT camp. Though the Ghostbuster still seems to be much robust, the BIOS BOOT by @eoscanada is thinking of launching the chain 27 time build on one-another calling the final "mainnet" instead of just launching a single mainnet.

The Chinese community

There is still uncertainty which camp the Chinese Block Producers will join or they have developed their own strategy to launch the mainnet on their own. God knows!

There is one more strategy followed by EOS-FORCE but it has not attracted many Block Producers.
Read here

On which chain community will vote?

The community could vote on different chains with same stakes until we have the consensus of a single chain. I feel there won't be any fork though but still, the voters need to make wise decisions choosing the right chain and voting on it.


In between the fudsters and media reporting that EOS launch will shift, @dan confirms we are ready for a launch on 2nd June. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the voting mechanism, most of the voters still don't know how and where to vote. Many investors won't prefer the cleos command line interface as suggested by B1. The eosportal.io isn't ready yet and now we have the launch of multiple chain within the community.

Many Block Producers have come together and pledged to give a single mainnet to the community and it would be interesting to which strategy is used by them for the launch. I feel security first strategy is a good way forward and most of the BP should join the Ghostbusters launch. The campaign by @eoscanada have attracted most of the BP (maybe it's an easier way to launch) and BP will have to decide which way to go.

I further don't think that we will be having multiple chains in the long, it may take days/week for stabilization but one day B1 will be voting on the chain which will itself declare the mainnet among the community.

About EvolutionOS and ENO, I feel they are scams which are targeting loopholes and their roadmaps aren't fixed, they are not forks as declared by both the Blockchain teams.

Thank you

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I'm going to break down what I've learned from being on the inside of ... will be a few groups who will launch their own “mainnet” and claim it ... EOS token holders have purchased the right to govern themselves.