EOS Quick Update: Username Market on EOS and Vitalik review of EOS!

in eos •  6 months ago


Today Daniel proposed a plan to stop name squatting on EOS. Currently, EOSIO prohibits the creation of new account names that are less than 12 characters long and/or contain a "." for the same reason.

As names are marketable asset Dan is thinking of monetizing them which could help filling the future work proposals.

He proposed that -

  1. Only account name "com" can register new accounts xyz.com
  2. At most one new "premium name" (those that don't contain a ".") will be sold per day and it will be the name with the highest bid.

Only one premium account could be bought in a day based on maximum bidding. That account would be non-revokable,i.e it could not be deleted only transferred.

For more information read in here - https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/issues/3189

Vitalik reviewed EOS.IO and as per @dan

V's analysis of our latest DPOS found a very tiny imperfection that we were able to make perfect 🙂

He further welcomes Vitalik to the community.

Nice times ahead. Long live EOS

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