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After detailed investigation, the SuperONE team found that EOS ecosystem lacks an application and information aggregation platform with a superior experience. The SuperONE team design and implement an excellent product according to the EOS product features day and night. With the EOS mainnet approaching, the EOS ecosystem is also booming. The SuperONE team pay close attention to the development of EOS. Just like the name of EOS Live, we hope to be a live broadcast platform for EOS ecosystem. Each product of EOS ecosystem deserves attention, and every EOSer involved in the eco-construction of EOS is worthy of respect. The connection between people will collide with the most brilliant thought sparks, and the connection between products will generate the most amazing creative results.

EOS Live

EOS Live, Discover your favorite thing of EOS.

EOS Live surfaces the best new product of EOS community, very day, it's a place for EOSer to share and geek out about the lastest mobile apps, websites, projects, block producers, and the activities of EOS community. A sharing platform for entrepreneurial team of EOS ecosystem, independent developers, block producer candidates, and EOS users.

EOS Live domain, welcome to trial. Scan the QR code below and turn it on immediately.

EOS Live

EOS Live Product Introduction

EOS Live Index

EOS Live mainly has the following features:

  • Product Submission
  • Product Categories
  • Most popular this week
  • User Center

EOS Live supports mobile number registration. Each registered user can submit EOS-related products, activities, or topics at EOS Live by clicking on "Product Submission". The submitted information includes the logos of products/activities/topics, tags, related social links, Chinese or English materials. The social media links currently supports official website, GitHub, Steemit, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram. The Chinese or English materials also includes project title, project description, and detailed introduction. After submitting, the SuperONE team will take a simple review. When the review completed, the submitted products/activities/topics can be displayed on the homepage.

The user can like or comment on the favorite products in the homepage. Most popular this week is ranked according to the total number of likes and comments. The top three with the highest number of likes and comments will be presented in the "Most popular this week". All items on the homepage are sorted in descending order based on all historical favorites and comments. The left-side feeds on the homepage is currently classified into four categories: all, producers, activities and topics. When you click on All, you will see all products, scroll down the mouse, the products will present page by page. Clicking on the producers will show you all the teams currently participating in the EOS block producer candidate campaign. The activity classification will present you with offline EOS activities. The topic classification allow users to speak freely here.

The right-side of the home page shows the user the countdown of the EOS mainnet launch. The top of the homepage supports the Chinese-British switch. Click on the username before language switch, in the drop-down list you can click user center to enter your personal page. In the user center page, you can update historically submitted products, while supporting the change of passwords etc.


The EOS.IO software introduces a new blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that may ultimately scale to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees, and allows for quick and easy deployment and maintenance of decentralized applications, in the context of a governed blockchain.

We believe EOS, which is a star project in the blockchain field, will shine in the 3.0 era of Blockchain. The SuperONE team will take deeper roots in the EOS ecosystem and contribute to the development of the EOS ecosystem.

Enjoy EOS Live!

About SuperONE

We are the earliest enthusiasts of blockchain technology and we are the technical flow and aesthetic flow in the blockchain field, focusing on the management of blockchain assets and smart contracts. The SuperONE project sponsor (community ID: crazybit) is a senior participant in the BitShares community and has in-depth research on the kernel of graphene. As a community-leading development team, the SuperONE( wallet is developed to meet the needs of practicality and convenience of commercial applications, providing users with more secure, more transparent, decentralized on-chain trading and digital asset management platform.

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