An In-Depth Look at EOS Knights: The Latest Blockchain Mobile Game

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EOS Knights

This is the Best Blockchain Game to date!

It's been a little over 24 hours since I started playing EOS Knights, the brand new mobile game launched less than two days ago on the EOS blockchain. It's a lot of fun, surprisingly addicting, and sets a new standard of quality for future blockchain-based games.

What Kind of Game is it?

This isn't your CryptoKitties or CryptoWizards; digital item trading platforms marketed as games to-be, no, EOS Knights is a fully fledged game.

I liken it to a dungeon crawler type experience in which you:

1. Select a Hero
I chose Oria the Archer

2. Fight Some Baddies in a succession of different locations.
Starting off in the Green Fields.

3. Gain Experience, Level Up, Equip Items, & Keep Going!
I worked hard for that bow!

Getting Started

I'm new to the EOS environment. Other than purchasing some EOS on Binance about a month ago, my involvement with the platform has been next to zero until very recently. I first heard about EOS Knights (a day prior to its release) on the @eosmastering blog (really good content that helped me create an EOS account and get started with the @greymass wallet.) Still riding my EOS high from recently setting everything up, I decided to give the game a go on launch day!

Here's How To Play
While EOS Knights is a mobile game, its iTunes & Google Play releases are forthcoming so, for now, you can play via the Google Chrome browser and its Scatter extension (which allows you to use your EOS keys to login to EOS Knights.) Simply navigate to and you're good to go!

A Deeper Dive

Your Heroes
I started with the Archer, which costs 0.1 EOS to hire (this is the minimum amount of EOS you need to spend in order to play the game, although you have the opportunity to earn that amount back by selling in-game loot other players, more on that later.)

You may eventually decide to hire all three heroes in order to grind through the levels faster and acquire loot even more quickly.

Game Progression
As your heroes battle, they will travel through various Stages which are comprised of Floors. In order to complete a floor and advance to the next one, you must kill 10 Monsters. One object of the game is to advance to the highest floor possible.

The current #1 Player on the Leaderboards has progressed through 121 floors.

In order to advance to another stage, however (which are other locations within the EOS Knights universe,) at least one of your heroes must attain a certain Level.

For me to advance beyond the "Cursed Desert, I must have a Hero reach Level 7.

Each stage has its own unique qualities. For example, you'll find more Emeralds in Red Lake, however there will be higher drops of Wood in Shining Valley.

Materials & Items
As you venture through the different lands available to you in EOS Knights, you will obtain various materials (like Emeralds & Wood) which are used to craft Items (like Swords and Armor.)

Once "dying" after your first round of floor progression (don't worry, your character's experience and any equipped items stay intact!) you'll have the opportunity for "Rebirth" by clicking the big Green Button that holds its name. After your resurrection, you'll be able to see what materials you accumulated during this stage of your journey.

Check it! I got a Pearl, some Copper, and Steel.

Once you gather enough materials of the right type, they can be used towards crafting Items.

Here I am able to craft some armor, a Basic Robe. You can use the Book tab to see all the Items available in the game and what materials are needed to craft them.

The Marketplace
Here is where you can buy & sell both materials and items for EOS with other players.

The minimum amount an item may be sold for is 0.01 EOS, other than that there is free reign amongst the community to decide the price for various items of type, stats, and rarity. When I first started, I purchased basic weapons, armor, and accessories for all three of my heroes at 0.01 EOS each. My line of thinking was: I want to gear up with something and level all three of my heroes as quickly as possible.

Eventually, I started to pick up items of a higher rarity that were worth selling in order to try and regain some of the EOS I had already spent playing the game. I went to the marketplace, searched for the exact items and materials I wanted to sell, set mine to the lowest market price, and BAM! I made a sale. There's a nifty little Purchase and Sales Log to keep track of all your transactions in-game, which I imagine becomes super helpful once you're trying to determine how much EOS you've spent/made after weeks of playing.

In addition to weapons, armor, & accessories, you can equip your heroes with Pets that add even more bonus stats! To get started, you can click on the Pet tab and participate in the Pet Gacha process, which is kind of like opening loot boxes.

On the Pet Adoption screen, you'll be able to spend Magic Water (more on this later) to get your Pets. Depending on how much Magic Water you spend, you'll receive different numbers of Pets with various forms of Rarity. Because new players this week start the game with 10k Magic Water, I went ahead and chose the most expensive options in hopes of getting a Legendary Pet.

Here's who I ended up with! I was able to snag a Unique Fairy Rat among some other friendly folks. Please keep in mind that you can only equip one pet per Hero and may only traverse the floors with three Heroes at a time, so if you adopt too many Pets (like I did) you'll have them idle in your inventory (as you're unable to sell them in the marketplace.)

Magic Water
Magic Water is an item used within EOS Knights to:

  • Adopt & Level Up Pets
  • Level Up Heroes
  • Combine/Level Up Items

If you're playing the game within a few days of when I wrote this, then congrats! You've started out with 10k worth of Magic Water! After a couple of weeks, the initial Magic Water rewards will have been exhausted and you'll be able to purchase them for EOS in the game. You get some free Magic Water every time you go through the Rebirthing process and when you discard items/material, however, after awhile, a lot is needed to level up your Heroes (so you may need to part with some EOS to get some!) Hopefully you've sold some good loot!

Can You Make Money (EOS) Playing This Game?
Theoretically, I would say yes. Less than 48 hours since its launch, the Revenue Leaderboards show the #1 spot has having made 18.2 EOS playing the game. However, I have played this game for an estimated 8, or so, continuous hours and have only made 0.17 EOS in sales. I really haven't thought about a strategy for doing this, but I know it's a question that many of you have on your mind.

Other Details

  1. It's important to remember that it costs EOS to increase the size of your inventory for items & materials. So, don't leave any junk hanging around! Trash it for Magic Water, use material to craft an item, or sell it on the market!

  2. You need to stake EOS to the CPU resource in order to play this game without interruption. This can be done in-game and helps avoid waiting times in between any actions you may want to perform. I personally have 15 EOS staked (the minimum recommended amount) and have only had a few times where I had to wait a few seconds before trying to do something in the game (like craft an item.) Don't worry, however, your EOS is not gone! You can unstake your EOS at any time (I think the process takes 3 days) and then it's again yours to do with as you wish.

That's all for now!

Be sure to check out to play and the blog of @raindays who is an EOS Knights Developer. If you have anything to add about this game, please let me know in the comments below. If you've played a blockchain-based game that you think is as good or better than this one, then PLEASE let me know in the comments below! I would love to play it!

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I agree, this is a great game! I just started it last night and I am addicted for now. I've leveled up all three of my Fighters. It's been fun crafting items and I just put one for sale, plate armor which is pretty good for a new person. I look forward to seeing this game progress!

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Awesome dude! Glad you're playing. Yeah this game is surprisingly addicting and, even thoughts it's simple, I'm very excited about the future of blockchain gaming after playing this. Thanks as always for reading and upvoting my posts!!

Thank you so much for the namedrop! And what a great guide! And what a cool game so far! I am really enjoying it. Sure..I hope they add more content and depth, but hands down - this is the first EVER functional ACTUAL GAME on a blockchain. And it is just as addictive and fun as I'd imagine EARNING ACTUAL MONEY playing a game would be. To those who don't understand that gaming will be the game changer for are totally wrong. Once games will start running on chains or even just implementing crypto in the marketplace in-game, people will have almost zero incentive to play old games anymore. Sure, that is a bit in the future as we need more streamlined functionality in regards to the crypto part (accounts, passwords, scatter etc) But it is happening. And it will 100% guaranteed change the world completely.

People are in general just not educated enough about this space. I recently spoke to TWO developers in person..and none of them even seemed to have heard about blockchain. Sure, they worked for boring companies doing normal developing stuff..but cmon. That's how early this is.

Eosknights is the FIRST actual GAME. But not the last. Congratulations to the team for job well done. They deserve some cred.

Thank YOU for the inspiration for this post!

I totally agree with your sentiment regarding blockchain-based games. We're very much in the early stages of Developers creating and deploying these apps and, once the blockchain becomes more accessible to non-tech people, I think these games are going to blow up.

I imagine a scenario like this: do I want keep playing an MMO like Elder Scrolls Online or CCG like Hearthstone when (eventually) there are blockchain equivalents that match/exceed quality where I can actually earn crypto for my time?

Yeah, I think gaming on the blockchain will be big and it's nice to be in it early :)

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Oh awesome, thanks!

This looks worth exploring. I've been sitting on my EOS tokens as well but I guess I'll give it a shot later! Thanks for the write up! Definitely cool that you even can earn EOS through selling items already, and that you don't have to pay EOS necessarily to play (from the looks of it). That's way better than my experience on cryptokitties where fees and stuck transactions were not fun to deal with.

Thanks for reading! While the game is simple, it's definitely the first complete gaming experience I've found on the blockchain. You do need to spend 0.1 EOS to start playing, but I've earned that back and more by now :)

The fees are nominal and as long as you stake at least 15 EOS, you'll be good in regards to transactions. Hope you like!

Oh goodness! Step 1: Need to create eos account. explodes

Lol I didn't realize I actually already had an account. face palm. Okay I should be able to try this out soon weeeee!

lol, I must admit it took me like two hours to figure out how to properly create an EOS account, pair keys with EOS-voter, and then move my EOS off Binance. Definitely a new process from just creating a wallet.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 2.29.12 PM.png
only played 2 days already selling 4 EOS worth of loot, and my cost is below 1 EOS, awesome game

Wow, great job! Maybe I've been setting my sales prices too low :)

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The interface is looking pretty nice. It think we will end up seeing a ton of these types of games developed on top of EOS even if the main system is centralized and the payment and wallet management side of things is built on a Smart Contract.

I'm hoping to see a ton more for sure!

Great work on explaining EOS Knights!