Ready for the EOS Token Swap: How I dealt with it + Q&A

in eos •  6 months ago

I end up this month with a few drafts of my new stories and I'm finishing Something New by PG Wodehouse - I'm probably among the top 1% by finishing the book in a record long time.

I spent the rest of the time mainly working and struggling to find enough time to rest.

In the meantime, I dealt with the EOS Token Swap issue

  • I put 20% of my EOS Tokens on MEW and registered and claimed them in the officially approved and recommended way.
  • left 80% in my exchange account as the recent news are trustworthy enough and I'm confident there won't be any issues with the the switch on June 2nd.

If you are an EOS token holder: How did you solve the issue yourself?

It would be nice if we could form a small Q&A in the comments.

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Did it lats year. There are so many resource guys. You will be fine!


Yep. I think I'm on the safe side already as well. Thanks!

Cant believe the day is finally here!