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Learnings from building my first dapp on EOS blockchain

in eos •  8 months ago

Or you could look at it from the opposite angle: people are what they are, they are not going to change over the lifetime of any of us. If you wonder why they are like that, I usually seek the answer in evolutionary biology (I'm a biologist by training, although I've switched to IT 20 years ago)

Now if you start from "people are like that and I'm not going to be able to change them" the question is: "what are the goals I consider worth pursuing and how am I going to go about it?" :-)

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In my opinion, most people need to be emotionally touched instead of just being logically convinced to change their behavior. Just look at countries with a lot of corruption and injustice like Venezuela, they are a lot more reluctant to trust anyone and see the benefit in trustless solutions.


No doubt, but I see the causality the other way around - we strive to build trust and trust-enforcing structures; but trust is so fragile that it will inevitably break down in certain areas at specific moments, as it happened now in Venezuela. In such situations clearly fallback "trust in the machine" solutions are a welcome backstop. But these are only temporary in my opinion - we'll revert back to human-to-human trust building interactions even in Venezula, as soon as the madness is gone