The Greatest Financial Revolution & Transfer of Wealth in a Generation - HODL'ing Shit Coins

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I sent my dad 6-mo Blockfolio chart screen shot with a one-line text "should I sell or hodl?"

It was sort of a joke because there is no fuckin' way I'm selling for fiat. When moon?

I'm up 4,329% in 6 mo, and was conservatively dipping my toe in the crypto-markets. One of these alts need to go down at some point. I saw a funny tweet where one of the traders was congratulating folks that had locked in $12 IGNIS futures. It's refreshing to know at least some coins go down.

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oh, and lambo. don't forget lambo. I'm learning to talk the talk.

Ripple is going to crash one day the likes the crypto-world has never known. So many suckers, but still a nice ride up. I think calling XML to follow was the easiest call of all time, but I had too many other positions.

The validation of the market, the new tax year I think really made a difference. Peter Thiel taking positions, Overstock accepting Reddcoin....? Reddcoin? That was one of my raspberry pi projects of which I should have accumulated all of them, as I think if the devs have a raspberry pi daemon built, they seem to have their shit together. NAV, DMD, GRC, SLR are all mooning and I should have been accumulating but was spread too thin and was worried about backing up wallets on linux, but oh well.

I have doubled down on EOS, with the 3.0 release of DAWN testnet. AELF was up 50% in a day, ENG, and ETHOS have been mooning, as has STEEM. I think BTS still has a lot of room to run, especially with Billion Hero Holyfield partnership, and ACO Arisebank ICO open til Jan 25th. I added some Genesis Vision GVC, ETHLend, and BNB.

I love hodling shitcoins on Bittrex, but I think the majority of traders are moving their bags to Binance, and 1/2 off fees when paying with BNB will drive this > $1.5B. They need to resolve the leftover dust issue. Some of us are anal and don't like to leave any crypto-dust laying around, even if it's only a couple bucks worth.



Love the attitude! Check out this t-shirt I created that goes along with your philosophy! Welcome to the coolest community on the net :)
I didn't forget all the alt-coin hodlers...

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