Is it Just Me, or is EOS Mooning? - Episode 17

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It's been awhile since my last post, and a lot has happened in the crypto-sphere.

EOS is mooning! I don't think it will stop it's upward momentum until it is AT LEAST on parity with ETH. Buy the hype and sell the fact.


I think the most interesting development is the rapid pace that people's eyes have been open. Smart people that are new to crypto can come to similar logical conclusions. Even Peter Schiff who is an adamant anti-bitcoiner mentioned EOS in his latest podcast.


Peter's podcasts have gradually included more bitcoin talk, usually at the tail end of the podcasts, but now basically the entirety is devoted to bitcoin. If he wasn't so anti-bitcoin, he would be bitcoin's greatest proponent as he agrees with all the tenets of bitcoin, and crypto-currency in general, but his conclusion is that bitcoin can't buy a cup of coffee, and is not backed by anything, thus it's value will go to zero.

There are interesting that once people understand a little bit about the technology, they can identify that Bitcoin cash is better than bitcoin....or Bitcoin Gold seems easier for the Cryptodamus to use to give away contributors to his youtubes....and that EOS is faster, or something else might be faster than EOS. And what if IBM put it's stock on the blockchain and competed with EOS, or Gold. This is how I know crypto is not a bubble. It's the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, and it doesn't happen in a vacuum. Fiat currency is going to be what goes to zero.

Moving on....crypto-newbies have joined the ETH and LTC bandwagon, and once they seek alternatives the learning curve is short to figure out that EOS is going to be the fastest blockchain around. To me it doesn't matter what the price of LTC, ETC or BTC is, as it's a hot potato that I'm moving through to get to the coins that I really want to HODL. Sure, I wish I would have held on to LTC that I got for $50, or ETH for $136 but who cares. There are exciting rock solid development projects going on across the board. The fact that SBD is worth more than $1, makes me think that bitUSD is going to be worth more than $1 as people seek stability in the ecosystem. BTS will be worth $1 one day, and BTS running on EOS is going to change the world.

Newbies are dabbling in Ripple which on the surface appears to be a solid play, behind the scenes I think there is a disconnect with the community and XRP won't carry the trust when banks create their own ripple clone to transact in. I had some Stellar Lumens for awhile, but I think XLM is different and worthy of it's recent moon. Ripple sucks but there will be a spike of epic proportions if Coinbase lists it. Same with BCC or BTG as the psychology of the decimal system plays out.

Barring some sort of government intervention, I think the entire ecosystem will continue to go up. I'm always intrigued by projects that lag and there are disgruntled Discorders that are about to jump ship.

DNT, Ethos, 0x (barring it's recent spike). I think Ethfinex launch. ZEPH and OBITS are my sleeping dogs. DMD, GRC, Deep Onion, SYS, BAT, STEEM, BTS.

There are still lots of opportunities to get in to projects that haven't mooned yet, just have to start planning an exit strategy, and I think bitUSD is an interesting play.

I leave you with another picture of Dan "The Man" Larimer


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