A Pragmatic Approach to the Current World of EOS

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Recently in the EOS Sweden channel on telegram someone asked this question, "U all seem still very positive about eos despite all what is happening. Any specific reasons?. (fud is not a reason, it is a subjective opinion)"

Positive? Negative?

It's a pragmatic approach. Every time some new “great” thing is invented or comes along, there are going to be issues.
1900_Glide_ Wreck.jpg
I believe that many who frequent that channel expect those challenges and are therefore not surprised.

History shows that if we continue to push through...


...we will reach our destination.


If it all comes crashing down that would be very disappointing. We have seen that play out in history as well. Most of us recognize that is a possibility with EOS. It's a possibility with many things in life. Bringing that possibility up in conversation (or on Telegram) over and over doesn’t make very much sense. It’s like standing in the rain and saying over and over “it’s raining, it’s raining, I’m getting wet. I don’t like the rain.”

That seems obvious.
How many times should it be said?
Stating the obvious doesn't add to the conversation or to finding a solution.
Some people might respond, "You should go buy an umbrella."
Maybe that's helpful.
Some people don't say anything because they think, "Doesn't he know if you stand in the rain you'll get wet."

Everyone can see the rain. Some folks recognize the rain as part of the process and are willing to press onward.

I like that approach

Albert Einstein said, "Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new."


I see more people approaching EOS in this manner. It appears as if they are focused on finding solutions.

Negative, positive, pragmatic?

As long as we're moving forward.

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