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in eos •  2 years ago

On the Distribution GUI, they show you how much you have contributed to a particular window in the provided table. If you are not using the official app or maybe it is offline, you can do this through MEW.

  1. Go to
  2. Under heading Select Existing Contract in a dropdown, select EOS Contribution
  3. Click Access
  4. Under the "Read / Write Contract" heading, in the dropdown select userBuys.
  5. In the first field uint256 put the period/window you would like to check.
  6. In the field address put the Ethereum address you contributed from.
  7. Click Read
  8. In the third field, a number will appear if you contributed to that window. Divide that number by 1000000000000000000 with a calculator or google or something.

The resulting number is the amount of Ether you have contributed to that window


  1. Maybe you contributed near the end of a window, and not sure which window your contribution went towards
  2. You've previously executed buyWithLimit and just want to check your work.
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Great.. Thanks..
Do you know how we can ensure that a contribution goes through a specific window if we are contributing in the last minute of the period? Is there a way to ensure it either gets into that period or gets rejected, but NOT thrown into the next period?

So sandwich is obsessed with EOS and posting all the hot topics about EOS, great work man

Another very helpful tool how to know exactly in which time frame the contribution was executed.
It's always a pleasure meeting people, who share their knowledge to the community... - clear and understandable!

thanks for all your previous guide blogs on EOS. Wouldn't have the confidence to buy my first ICO tokens without your help. Thank you so much, not bad for a sandwich

useful. tnx.

Greetings everybody - Listen I wanted to leave a message on EOS Crowdsale with MyEtherWallet - The Complete Guide but it doesn't let me. Anyways listen Sandwich you are doing a fantastic job and I appreciate your posts. You should be working and getting paid by EOS and I'm sure others as you are doing there work for them. Seriously people like you should be hired and they should pay you a lot more for doing a proper job unlike EOS and others who don't make things simple and easy to understand for jo public like you do. Well done mate would be a pleasure to meet you some day if we can just message me somehow. I'm new here and figuring out how to make a post. A big Thank you very much!