How to buy EOS with STEEM on BINANCE

in eos •  last year

Lately, I've been getting lots of requests from friends, asking me to teach them how to buy EOS with steem. I don't know if I should call this FOMO because its just 63 days to the launch of EOS and the demand is increasing, but whatever it is, with this video, you should be able to learn how to buy EOS with steem on BINANCE.


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Thanks to share @samstickkz


You welcome

Thanks for sharing this..

Great piece. Thanks for putting this up 👆

Thanks for beckoning to the request!!!
This is helpful

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@samstickkz, you are the best! Thanks for this very precise, very straightforward tutorial!

Thanks Sam.
I just having this little issue, I'm trying to activate 2FA so I can be able to withdraw my coins but I'm not receiving the OTP


Stop using sms. Use GA