SaltBlock Block Producer Code of Conduct and Ownership Information

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Code of Conduct

1. Constitution

SaltBlock pledges to uphold and honor the EOS constitution in all matters related to the EOS network. We commit to honor any ratified EOS constitution and amendments regardless of our own opinions on any of the articles. We agree to enforce any decisions passed through arbitration and to disregard requests for action passed by unofficial means.

2. Pledge to Token-holders

SaltBlock pledges to work for the token-holders and EOS community at large. We commit to putting the will of the token-holders (as demonstrated through votes) above all else. We also pledge to stay accessible and open to communication from token-holders large and small.

3. Values

We commit to operate according to the SaltBlock values.

Always Be Transparent

Through transparency we allow trust and through trust we're able to accomplish more than by other means.

Community First

To build great things you must have a great community. When making decisions affecting the community, the community comes first. Treat others in the community fairly and with respect.

Choose Stability

When making infrastructure decisions, choose stability over any other possibilities. Plan for the worst-case scenario and design accordingly.

Always Give Back

Give freely all things you have in abundance whether it's time, money, knowledge, or happiness.

4. Stay Independent

SaltBlock is 100% owned by its members and will remain so for its existence. No outside funding, influence, or partners exist outside of our ownership information.

Ownership Information

SaltBlock is a member owned LLC registered and incorporated in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.


50% Marshall Anderson - [email protected]
50% Adrian Hunter - [email protected]

SaltBlock is a Block Producer Candidate based in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.