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RE: So you purchased EOS on an exchange ? Why you need to register your Ethereum Wallet address at EOS.IO, prior to the 1 June 2018 !

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US citizens can not participate in ICO, but I do not think it translates into they can not own EOS tokens from secondary market.


USA traders buy EOS on

I apologize in advance since I'm not the most savvy. Should a U.S Citizen trade their EOS tokens prior to June 1st?

Hi etyls88, there is no need to apologize, as we are all learning here. I think you would be best served by reading and referencing the official EOS.IO FAQ:

I'm a USA trader who wants to buy on binance, but it seems that I'd still have to use a VPN to register them since the site recognizes my ip as being from the US. I assume I'm missing something, so help would be much appreciated from this Trump hating American.

Yeah you got it right. You'll need a non U.S. IP address to register your ethereum address on However if you are familiar with the command line, there is a tool you could use to register with. The details can be found on the EOS website. Cheers.

Alright, confirmed my suspicions. Guess my lazy ass will have to install a VPN to claim my riches. Thanks for the reply.

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