Introducing - The Real-time EOS Token Sale Tracker

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Hi everyone,

We developed, a service that shows the EOS token price by scanning the Ethereum blockchain every minute!

As you already know, the EOS token price changes every day.

EOSscan checks ETH that entered the current contribution period and helps you to purchase EOS tokens at the best price.

If you register your email address, you can receive daily notices two hours prior to market closure that inform you of the price changes. Purchase EOS tokens at the lowest price!

We will keep updating the service with improved functions, so please upvote and follow us!

Thank you!


I'm Charles Pyo, Co-founder and CEO at, the blockchain service developer based in Seoul, Korea.

I'm very open-minded to cooperate with you guys all.

If you would like to visit South Korea to promote your blockchain project, please feel free to contact me. I'll guide you and introduce some friends and whales in Korean blockchain scene. (email: pyo at

Thank you all very much!



very nice!
One correction though, we're in Period # 0, no?
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Thanks kurtbeil. I'll fix this to #0. Thanks!

Would it be possible to make the website secure?

this is great thank you much!

Thank you dowha!

Nice tool!
It'll be fun to watch those last minutes before end of every contribution period :-)

Thanks for this great tool. I'm glad im accumulating steem power for contributors like yourself!

Thanks ikegass33! We'll improve this site more and more. Let's get in touch!

Saw your post here first and then at Telegram. Great work! I've seen a couple of other scripts doing the same, but you did it will class! You'll need to put some serious server power behind it though :)

Mentioned this project of yours here:

Hi graphicalx. Thanks for mentioning! We put more server power few hours ago. We'll improve this site. Let's keep in touch!

Awesome, just checked again and its rocking


This site is getting a prominent spot among my bookmarks the coming weeks!

Would it be possible to show the prices for future windows as well?

Hi beordo. Thanks for bookmarking this! We'll provide you the future windows. Please wait for a couple of days. Thanks!

Bookmarking it :)

Hey pyo, do you think EOS will get same attention as ETH in Korea in the coming years ???

Hi viknesh. Well I hope EOS will get same attention as ETH :)

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The page seems to be under heavy load. Will have a look at this later on. Thanks!

Thanks wekkel. We'll make this light. Thanks!

thank you very much

You're welcome :)

Thanks for sharing this valuable information !

Thanks trendo. We'll improve this site more and more. :)

Excellent! Someone mentioned this in Telegram, and I added a comment linking to it from my post as well. Great work!

Thank you lukestokes. also thank you so much for your mention on your post!

Good job man! This is very practical!

Thanks melke! Please bookmark this :)

Hi vegeto. Thanks for your advice. I'll check it out!

Nice !
Had a little script running, but no need for that now :)

Thanks ! Reposted + Upvoted !

Hi zax. We had little memory problem because of huge traffic. We upgraded the memory few hours ago. So maybe you can use this site more fast. Thanks!

Tell me why are EOS token 2,08$ right now on there and 8$ on exchanges?

Excellent and fast release. Could you add a few calculations on upcoming windows as well?

Hi donchate. Yes. We'll provide the future windows in a couple of days. Please bookmark and let's get in touch!

Amazing, its already done!

Look forward to seeing information about future windows.

Hi liberosist. We'll make future windows function. Please wait a couple of days. Thanks!

Thanks this will be quite helpful in grabbing eos tokens

Thanks sniperz! We'll update more and more.

Very cool! At $0.33/token this site shows that EOS is still undervalued IMO. Any plans on listing future periods? Thanks for making this.

I'm not sure, but I heard it will be listed in 1 July on Bitfinex. Thanks!

감사합니다. 참고 하겠습니다.

감사합니다 dubi님!

Exactly what I was looking for, great job!

Thanks patcher!

I was just thinking that a tool like that would be great - thanks mate!
Just subscribed

Thanks knowlegebroker! We'll update factastic features more and more. Let's get in touch!

Sounds good - looking forward!

Is it possible to easily include an option to see how much EOS is reserved for a particular investor (perhaps this can be done by filling int a public key or something similar)?

Yes. We'll provide the whale tracker that people can see particular investor's share of EOS tokens. Please wait for about 2 weeks. Thanks!

Very helpful site.. thanks! Would be awesome if there were a chart and possibly a .cvs export as well!

This is great. Love this.

EOS ICO에 직접 참여하지는 않았지만 정말 좋은 서비스인거 같아서 인상 깊게 보고 갑니다.

Very useful! Thank you !

Do you know if it is possible to invest in a future sale? or you can only invest in the daily sale?. I'm surprised that in that webpage I see "Eth" being deposited for future sales in next months?

Great article, The site is down :(

Nice one @pyo upvote and follow. Will be great to keep in contact for some collaboration. thks

Thanks pnc. We are always welcome to collaboration. Please email me whenever :)

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