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RE: EOS current market cap $1,116,000,000

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Current market cap for EOS is 10.6*5 = 53 million ( This calculator is doing a poor job at predicting a rate at which people will be sending money to the ETH address, and this rate is obviously not going to be linear.

So if you want to calculate the rough market cap for EOS, just multiply the current amount of money collected by 5 (20% is collected at the first period).


The sheet formulas take in consideration the 20% of the first period

I've just opened the sheet and it's telling me that the market cap is $579,047,241. As I said, this calculator is nothing but a speculation about the rate at which people are going to transfer their ETH.


I guessing, after 3 more days we'll see more investment and that over the next year, people will get up to about 50% plus of this bought price. ( 10.6 + 40 ) = ~50 million. Plus 50 * 4 * 50% = 250 million.

That's my conservative guess.

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