MyWish Progress Within the Best Blockchain Community

in eos •  6 months ago

MyWish has been making a concentrated effort to work within the EOS blockchain.
They’re pleased to share statistics from their collaboration with EOS.

Within collaboration MyWish achieved the following results:

  1. 271 EOS contracts were created (110 main net, 161 test net.) In total, this means the number of MyWish EOS users has increased by 20% and, contracts by 19%.

  2. They’ve received massive community support from EOS Argentina, EOS Amsterdam and other EOS representatives. One of the reasons we love working with EOS is the community support that we think other blockchains are lacking. We want and believe to hear from all EOS communities!

  3. Moreover, they’ve entered exciting partnerships:

  • Wulet: MyWish has become the B2B provider for them.

  • one of the most well-known organizations in the EOS communities, and has secured business partnerships in the EOS world. MyWish integrates their exceptional wallet into the MyWish platform. We are really excited to partner with them, as they are one of the most respected blockchain companies in Asia.

  1. In the media, MyWish has been covered by more than 50 publications, including Nulltx, Criptomonadaseico, Forklog, and

Read more about the details here.

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