EOS Block Producers compliance with the BP agreement

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Check out this website and follow what they are doing. https://www.eoswire.org/bpcompliance I´ve been following their Telegram channel since it started. Great info coming out and now it will be in an even more structured format.

But the whole idea behind this post is to get out there how few Block Producers that are actually following the BP agreement. They have not done everything that should be done, and in my eyes that is not ok.
If you get voted in my the community, you should make sure to follow what is required of you. I love EOS and I think DPOS is going to prove being a good method for a mass adoption of blockchain from your every day person.

As of now, only 5 BPs has done all that they need to do.

where 2 of them have been graded an extra 25% for following the gold standard. You find the whole list here, and it will be updated as more BPs start following the agreement.

@eosnewyork got a grade A+ with 125% compliance rate
@eos.sw-eden got a grade A+ with 125% compliance rate
@cryptolions got a grade A+ with 100% compliance rate
@eoscafe got a grade A+ with 100% compliance rate
@eosphere got a grade A+ with 100% compliance rate

From the wire:

"We consider the EOS New York and EOS SW/EDEN the Gold Standard for compliance in these areas. They both have provided the BP Agreement Compliance Links in the footers of their websites to make it easy for Token Holders to review their claims. In addition they went above and beyond listing ownership percentages in their ownership disclosures."

I believe these 5 should have your votes

In my opinion, those that should get your vote is those that actually follow what should be done.
When more of the Block Producers notice that this information is out, they will start delivering. But they should not need the outing before they start following what they are doing.

They should do that from the start!

If I can somehow help these guys getting more votes, it will make me very happy

So please consider adding these 5 to your list of votes, if you have not already.
They are by them self, following everything that they have agreed upon by being Block Producers.
No one told them to do it, they understand the importance of their position and does what the community excepts from them.

So if I can convince you to do one thing, please honor their compliance by casting a vote for the right people.
These Block Producers are here for the community, not here for themselves.

Coach Bjork


Thank you for following us and sharing about EOSWire! We are constantly working to improve our metrics and data collection which is all done by hand by us. We are 100% volunteers so updates are as we can. We welcome questions and feedback as our goal is to inform the community. We also welcome translators who would be willing to volunteer a translation of our current page in languages beside English. We have already been given a Chinese translation and are working on getting that up on the site. Again, many thanks!!

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