Things you need to know about “Chinese BP”and why maybe you should stop using this term.

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We saw a lot of interviews and WeChat articles to help the Chinese community getting know more about the foreign block producers. So we thought what’s the harm to sort out all the information for Chinese BPs, so other oversea communities can understand who is who better?(Shout out to EOS.GO here for trying their best to help both sides to overcome the language barriers)

Even we would like to talk about nepotism, but we think is not for us to say who did what or what behind all this. So today we simply just want to help everyone understanding the differences of all the Chinese BPS and what they have done for the community so far.

PS: The following BP list are all the Chinese related BP candidates of the TOP100, If we missed anyone or there is anything you would like to correct us on the list, please please let us know:

EOS Cannon


Node name: eoscannonchn

Server based in :HongKong

Intro: EOSCannon as one the most effective community with well-known credibility, we are willing to connect and promote sharing between overseas and Chinese EOS communities. We are happy to lead the majority of domestic token holders to participate in global EOS community growth.


1. EOS wallet(Not launched yet )

2. EOS-based exchange(Developing)

3. EOS Game (Developing)

4. EOS Browser (Developing)

EOS Gravity


Node name: eosisgravity

Server based in : Tokyo

Intro:EOS Gravity is a blockchain ecological community that has gathered a lot of blockchain and EOS followers. The community is committed to provide help for those who are interested in blockchain technology and to encourage larger scale of participation through our in-depth analysis and clear guidance in blockchain technology and EOS public chain.


1. EOS Wallet: Halo Wallet(launched)

2. Game: PandaFun



Node name: eosbixinboot

Server based in :Bangkok

Intro: The EOSBIXIN group is affiliated to Bixin, led by Bixin COO Chaojijun, and is a newly formed group of outstanding engineers from departments such as mining pools, block producers, and wallets. We have recognized that the blockchain is moving from the underlying technology era to the product era.As a high-performance blockchain, EOS will carry omnidirectional distribution and circulation of human values, therefore, we built two basic foundations of EOSBIXIN Block Producer and Bixin EOS Wallet to provide a robust network for EOS, and at the same time make it easier for everyone to use EOS to achieve the prosperity and development of EOS ecology.


1.Bixin EOS wallet(launched)



Node name: oraclegogogo

Server based in: Singapore

Intro: As the world’s first application built on an EOS ecosphere, OracleChain meet the demands of the Oracle (oracle machine) ecosystem by efficiently linking blockchain technology services with various real-life scenarios, thereby delving into this immense tens of billions of dollars valuation market.Our mission is to “Link Data, Link World,” with the aim of becoming the infrastructure linking the real world with the blockchain world. By achieving intra-chain and extra-chain data connectivity, we aspire to create a service provisioning platform that can most efficiently gain access to extra-chain data in the future blockchain world.


1. EOS wallet: PocketEOS(launched),There are 3 Dapps games already launched on PocketEOS there will definitely be more Dapps on PocketEOS in the future.

2. OracleChain independently researches and develops the “Ask your question with your token” application that runs completely on the EOS Mainnet.

3. EOSDevHelper-The first open source cross-platform PC-side EOS wallet tool

4. OracleChain will provide random number generation services for eos ecosystem in the future.

5. OracleChain has already open-sourced 9 smart contract 9 tools 3 digital on Github.

EOS Beijing


Node name: eosbeijingbp

Server based in: Tokyo

Intro: EOS Beijing will jointly fund and conduct academic research initiatives on blockchain projects, and will promote EOS in these influential institutions. EOS Beijing has already established collaboration with Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Parallel and Distributed Research.


1. EOS Navigator

2. Game: PandaFun

3. EOS Beijing will independently develop or invest in and incubate EOS-related projects. EOS wallets, browsers, and other projects have already been developed and continue to evolve. 

4.EOS Beijing will cooperate will well-known incubators and investment firms and make full use of the resources of universities, community, and industry, to support EOS DAPP projects.



Node name: helloeoscnbp

Server based in: Tokyo

Intro: HelloEOS  with the ability to develop and maintain Graphene blockchain, and a community of more than 30 thousand user base.


1.HelloEOS have provided technical support for active witness nodes on BitShares blockchain. Meanwhile, they are professionals on YOYOW blockchain in aspects of server maintenance.



Node name: eoscleanerbp

Server based in: TokyoIntro: EOS Cleaner has set up a project incubation fund to support the development of EOS-based DApps with its technical skills, resources and the EOS Cleaner community.


1.EOS Cleaner plans to develop and introduce a series of tools and DApps (e.g., node monitoring program) to serve the EOS ecology.

EOS Wenzhou


Node name: eoswenzhoubp

Server based in: HongKong,US

Intro: EOS Wenzhou is a blockchain oriented community founded in October 2017. We are EOS.IO technical fans who obtained the earliest research on blockchain technology and EOS.IO. Currently, there are ten members on core development team,and fifteen members on community team.


1. They will provide incubator, development and infrastructure resources, with technical support,funding, design, connections to whom were in line with the concept of EOS.IO

2. They will provide entire core products which required by EOS. IO ecosystem, such as EOS browser, EOS purse, DAPP, smart contract, open source sharing, to help other community and DAPP in EOS. IO block chain get thriving growth .



Node name: eosiomeetone

Server based in: Shanghai

Intro:MEET.One will become the service portal of EOS ecosystem to provide the  product experiences for frequent interactive scenarios and the safest and highest-quality financial channels and services for the digital assets of users. MEET will help users manage and exchange EOS ecological assets with ease, will help users participate in node voting and publishes the status and information of all nodes, and will provide a platform for crowd funding, dApp gateway, and will provide news and community information. The MEET team enjoys the experience in the design and operation of community products with more than 100 million users and therefore has accumulated advanced experience in product experience, business logistics, traffic operation and technical development among the domestic Internet industry.


1. EOSwallet: (launched)

2. More.ONE : No need to hold EOS Get candy from EOS ecological project.

3. EOS TOOLS: Applet based on wechat to help Chinese EOS holder mapping

4. EOS KIT Is a Chrome Extension, offer the latest information and market conditions to EOS holders.



Node name: starteosiobp

Server based in: Ohio

Intro:  Starteos is a BP dedicated to making continuous contributions to the EOS community. They will work both on the technical and the community side to attract more people (VC, developers, newbies) to the EOS community and make it a prosperous chain with sustained positive development. 


1.EOS Wallet-Starteos(Launched)

2.Hardware Wallet-Memory Box(Launched)

3.Blockchain Technology Research and Application Joint Lab(Cooperated with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,Launched)

 4. EOS Education Video Series(Launched) 

5. Name Bidding- To Incubate quality EOS projects with the proceeds from sub name selling.(In progress) 

6. Multi-Language EOS Forum(Developing ) 



Node name: eosonoeosono

Server based in: TokyoIntro: ONO is a decentralized social network based on EOS.

Intro:ONO is a decentralized social network based on EOS


1. ONO (Social Network)

2. Dapp collection:Cryptodogs,Hotchick,Pet Paradise



Node name: eoscandyone1

Server based in : Tokyo

Intro: The worlds largest bounty platform with over 6m CANDY collectors.


1. Candy box

2. Candy.One will Develop essential products such as news, games, airdrop tools, Token generation tools, account queries, and block browsers for EOS ecosystem



Node name: eosecoeoseco

Server based in: Tokyo

Intro: EOSco was founded by Mr. Yi Lihua, the founder of De Capital. Mr. Yi Lihua is a evangelist investor to blockchain industry. A platform for EOS fans and developers to share and share the latest developments and in-depth analysis of the EOS public chain. Establish a valuable ecosystem. During the meeting, EOSco met a group of like-minded EOS believers, and everyone shared the values and gathered together. There is an EOS ecological zone.


1.EOSeco Explorer



Node name: eoscybexiobp

Server based in: HongKong

Intro: Eos.cybex is an experienced team dedicated to EOS project incubation and community development, aiming at providing a myriad of one-stop services for all DAPP developers based on the EOS platform, including testchains readily accessible to developers, and sophisticated test tools and services.


1.EOS.cybex is developing the first side chain and hardware cold wallet.



Node name: sheleaders21

Server based in: TokoyoIntro: SheLeaders is a non-profit and community-owned DAC initiated by global women leaders who keep exploring and creating the great paradigm shifts, and all income will only be used to develop our community.


1.We plan to contribute on: Research , Education, Seminars, Meet-ups, Tools/Dapps Development, Incubator, Investment Fund.



Node name: eospaceioeos

Server based in: Los Angeles

Intro: EOSpace with the leading blockchain, sidechain, dapp, and contract developing ability, EOSpace is committed to be the best BP. EOSpace set up and maintain dozens of communities of EOS. We have built a distributed blockchain lab, including related business like traffic center, news center, overseas operation, investment banking service, project center and exchange center(Australia, Singapore, Korea) etc. We hope to continue to contribute to the EOS ecosystem.


1. The Mars Tribe: Social application based on EOS.

2. Dapphub:Appstore for EOS Blockchain.

3. EOS Block: Real time viewer for EOS Blockchain

.4. EOSDevs:Developer forums for EOS Blockchain.

5. Chainnews:Information about blockchain world

6. Gaia university:Coming soon

7. DAGO:Coming soon

8. Blockchain Planet :Coming soon



Node name: eoshenzhenio

Server based in: Shenzhen

Intro: EOShenzhen will provide high-performance and stable hardware and network infrastructure for EOS network, and configure devices and services to prevent DDoS attacks. We will strive to nurture a technical team to provide the underlying architecture and technical support for application projects. We will act in accordance with the requirements of the community constitution and actively participate in community governance.



Node name: superoneiobp

Server based in: New York

Intro: SuperONE is a secure, transparent, decentralized chain exchange and digital asset management platform.SuperONE project sponsor (community ID: crazybit) is A senior participant in the Bitshares community has in-depth research on the underlying graphene. As a community-leading development team, the SuperONE ( wallet was developed for the practicality and convenience of commercial applications, providing users with a safer, more transparent, decentralized chain transaction and digital asset management platform.


1. EOS Wallet: EOS LIVE (launched)

2. EOS Wallet:SuperONE(Not launched yet)



Node name:unlimitedeos

Server based in:Tokyo

Intro: Unlimitedeos are well funded by Link Entertainments and our annually budget is $400,000. Our goal is to provide a stable, secure service to the EOS community.First node will be located at Beijing. Because of the complexity of Chinese Internet environments, the first server is for Test purpose at the beginning, but we will have more Supernode site open while this project process.


1.UnlimitedIP is committed to providing global pan-entertainment IP copyright holders with one-stop intelligent service of entertainment copyright, which include copyright attestation, copyright authentication, copyright registration, copyright trading, online rights protection and content incubation etc.



Node name:eosninetiess

Server based in:Beijing

Intro: EOS 90’s Values and Vision1, EOS users grassroots interests maintainers.2, independent decision-making. (Independent team, not controlled by any capital)3, integrity. Honest, sincere4. Popularize EOS blockchain knowledge to young people in China5. Establish a communication platform for developers and investors to promote the establishment of blockchain economic organizations.

EOS Cochain


Node name: cochainworld

Server based in:?

Intro: As the isomorphic blockchain of the EOS main chain, EOS Cochain also adopts the DPOS consensus mechanism.


1.EOS wallet:Cochain(Not launched yet)



Node name: eosteaeostea

Server based in:China

Intro: A team dedicated to the development and application of EOS.IO in China


1. EOS Block Explorer(Beta)

2. EOS Web Wallet(Alpha)



Node name: eosunion1111

Server based in:London

Intro: The EOSUNION was founded in October 2017. It is composed of blockchain veterans, EOS believers, and top technicals. We are optimistic about EOS and sincerely hope we will help EOS success through our efforts: EOSUNION has a comprehensive grand plan, The first plan to be implemented is: the EOS Holders Alliance Program.


1.EOS wallet:Token Pocket(launched)



Node name: jrrcryptoeos

Server based in:Tokyo

Intro: EOS JRR, founded by JRR Crypto, is committed to creating EOS-based application ecosystem and providing a series of services including project incubation, development, training, and community operation. Through the unique community autonomy program of EOS JRR, the operation rights of block producer can be returned to all participants in the community, finally, the highly active group will contribute to the prosperity and development of EOS ecology.Headquartered in Switzerland, JRR Crypto is the world’s leading distributed investment banking group which focus on blockchain industry and cryptocurrency. JRR Crypto is principally engaged in seven major business segments: incubator and industrial park, business consulting, investment banking service, industrial fund, cryptocurrency exchanges, secondary market transactions and digital asset management. As JRR Crypto’s industrial fund, JRR Capital focuses on the investment and ecological construction of high-quality blockchain projects around the world. It has completed early investments in numerous projects, including Binance, the world’s leading blockchain asset trading platform, tokenGazer, Draco, WAX, etc.


1. EOS JRR promise to build an exchange with no listing fees forever. Any token based on EOS can be traded on our exchange.

2. EOS JRR will release a hardware wallet designed for EOS which will provide a solution to ensure the security of EOS storage


EOS AntPool


Node name: eosantpoolbp

Server based in:Beijing

Intro: As a leading crypto currency mining platform, AntPool has already received lots of users’ support and trust through user-friendly interface, safe and stable performance, efficient and intimate service since it was online in August 2014. Antpool, leading the world for a long time in hashrate, has always been the preferred mining pool for all users. At present, AntPool provides mining services for 9 types of crypto currencies and plans to support all mainstream and popular crypto currencies in the future. Currently, with large hashrates in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash etc., AntPool is dedicated to hashrate maintenance and community building for various crypto currencies.

Huobi Pool


Node name: eoshuobipool

Node based in: Beijing

Intro: Huobi Pool is the first mine platform to integrate digital currency mining and trading. They are committed to providing users with one-stop services that are easy to trade and profitable. Huobi has excellent reputation and good reputation in the global blockchain field.



Node name: zbeosbp11111

Node based in: Singapore

Intro: is one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges to list EOS trading, accelerating the global circulation and customer recognition of EOS.


Thank you for this information. We need more of these.

Thanks! We are trying our best!

No, our EOS Wallet named EOS LIVE, also it's a news and product aggregation platform. It's launched, also works normally.

Thanks for your report, and update this report.

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SuperONE Team

Cannon Tool, our "cold wallet" solution to use private key safely absolutely.

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